Elementalists are arcane casters with a few notable differences between themselves and the other arcane magicians, Wizards and Necromancers. Elementalists are able to learn spells naturally, meaning that as well as starting the game with existing knowledge of two spells, they can learn new spells at certain levels, and their knowledge of all spells they naturally learned increases each time they level up. They can also learn spells from spellbooks, though they have a bit more difficulty doing so than Wizards or necromancers. Moreover, Elementalists find a lot fewer spellbooks than either of those classes, making their spell base perhaps more limited in the long run.

As well as having average book finding abilities—generally on par with fighting classes—Elementalists get frustratingly slow level advances on all their skills, including Concentration and Literacy. The skills that they do have are quite useful, such as Healing and Swimming. Like other classes relying mainly on magic, they have quite poor starting equipment, though they always start with a useful ring of fire resistance. They have a couple of interesting class powers, but no exceptionally useful ones.

As far as race/class combos go, gnomes are obviously a popular choice for Elementalists since they gain levels (and thus spells) quickly and have high Mana scores. Elves make good Elementalists too, with dark elves adding two useful skills. Since playing an Elementalist is one way of getting a PC of a physically strong race to easily learn offensive spells, drakelings and dwarves are not bad choices either. Playing a trollish Elementalist is perhaps not a good idea due to their difficulties with gaining levels or learning spells from books... though one could probably still win without any magic.

Basic Information[]

Manual Description[]

Elementalists are magicians specialized on dealing with the four elements: fire, water, earth and air. Their spells specifically deal with those elements and their magic equipment reflects this preference, too. Elementalists normally don't use written magic but employ powers they harness from within. Their magic thus is somewhat limited in one way and a lot more powerful in other ways. Elementalists generally use a less scientific approach to magic than Wizards usually do.

Base/Typical Stats[]

The base stats for adult male Elementalists are tabulated below; female characters will have approximately -1 Strength and +1 Dex, and young characters have slightly less Strength, Learning and Willpower. These stats were generated using the method described on the Talk:Archer page; except with star sign factored in. Variations of +/- 5 to each stat will usually exist; or even more if the question system is skipped.

Elementalists generally have quite well-balanced stats, with good mental/magical stats but mediocre Strength.

Race St Le Wi Dx To Ch Ap Ma Pe
Human 12 17 13 13 13 9 10 15 11
Troll 22 7 10 10 23 5 5 9 8
High Elf 12 18 12 20 10 9 14 20 15
Gray Elf 12 18 13 18 9 7 18 23 15
Dark Elf 11 14 16 20 12 6 12 24 14
Dwarf 14 15 14 12 17 8 9 15 12
Gnome 11 15 12 16 14 11 10 21 12
Hurthling 7 14 13 20 16 11 10 12 11
Orc 17 11 13 13 17 7 7 9 9
Drakeling 16 14 16 12 17 9 8 15 10
Mist elf 10 21 13 18 9 7 22 29 18
Ratling 12 14 13 17 17 6 5 15 14

Starting Skills[]

Skill Typical Value Typical Modifier Available Ingame?
Climbing 44 3d3 N/A
Concentration 65 2d4 No
Gemology 30 3d3 No
Healing 10 3d5 Yes
Listening 38 2d4 N/A
Literacy 45 3d5 Yes
Metallurgy 30 3d5 No
Swimming 30 4d4 Yes

Crowning Gifts[]

The ring and crown are probably the most desirable crowning gifts for Elementalists, as they offer much superior defensive bonuses than the alternative crowning gifts. The cloak and both of the staves offer nice advantages too, though wearing the cloak comes at the price of a much greater food consumption rate and spellcasters generally get less benefit from wielding staves than wielding a weapon and shield.

HP, PP, To-hit Growth by Level[]

HP: Very low
PP: High
Melee to-hit: Low
Ranged to-hit: Very low

Special Abilities[]

Class Abilities[]

  • Elementalists automatically learn new spells at certain levels:
Level Spell learned
- Burning Hands
- Frost Bolt
5 Fire Bolt
5 Fireball
10 Earthquake
15 Improved Fireball
20 Lightning Ball
25 Ice Ball
    • Additionally, Elementalists' knowledge of all spells they have naturally learned increases as they gain levels. The increases are quite large for bolt spells and Burning Hands, but very slight for other spells.
  • On the negative side, Elementalists require twice as many weapon marks to advance weapon skill levels as most other classes.

Class Powers[]

  • Level 6: Gains intrinsic fire resistance...
  • Level 12: Gains intrinsic shock resistance.
  • Level 18: Gains immunity to all weather effects (i.e. rain).
  • Level 25: Gains intrinsic water breathing.
  • Level 32: Can invoke a special 'elemental storm' attack—fires a random elemental bolt (fire, lightning or frost) into each of the eight directions—at the cost of 120 PP.
  • Level 40: Can summon an elemental as a pet at the cost of 2 Mana points (though these eventually regenerate).
  • Level 50: Can automatically dig through a wall by walking into it. This movement action costs 1.5x more energy points than usual, and incurs a cost of 20 PP.

Starting Gear[]

All Elementalists start the game with

Race specific gear[]

Human Troll High Elf Grey Elf Dark Elf
Dwarf Gnome Hurthling Orc Drakeling
Mist Elf Ratling