Easter eggs are hidden secrets in a game. ADOM contains many hidden amusing secrets for those who keep their eyes open.

Battle Bunny Level[]

The battle bunny level (and Bugs the Bunny Master) are a shout-out to Bugs Bunny.

The collected works of confucious[]

A reference to famous Chinese philosopher, Confucius.

Thomas Biskup wish[]

If a player wishes for "Thomas Biskup", the game produces message '"*Thou shalt not mock the Creator*!"'.

Monster Memory[]

The monster memory contains joke information on many testers and contributors to ADOM.

Name Description
Thomas Biskup

A man of average build and pale complexion with clear blue eyes. This person is dressed in dark robes, obviously in an attempt to appear more mysterious. He seems to prefer to remain silently in the background, although he occasionally projects and masterplans in an attempt to rule the world. In such moments this creature is impossible to stop by any known forces in the world of Ancardia (except for some strange kind of insectoid race, simply called the 'bugs'). When confronted with opposition he usually relies on a Blade of Cynicism, dipped into oil of stubbornness.

He can hit to steal time, hit to slow work, and hit to drain strength and dexterity. He also is know to drain life and confuse others. The latter power occasionally seems to fail so that he gets confused himself.

Matt Chatterley A short, heavily set man with tousled brown hair and an awkwardly balanced pair of spectacles resting on his nose. He sports an unkempt beard, and is dressed in a loose fitting shirt and trousers made from light cloth.

He can hit to confuse, and hit to reduce attractiveness.

Ronald Neumann This creature looks like a moderately long and very thin human, but the way he likes to fool and contradict people gave rise to the sentiment that he is in fact a chaotic gnome stretched out to unusual length. He has a way with words and his knowledge would be legendary, if it were knowledge on football and cars, not on skin diseases, poisonous plants and invertebrates. He is not harmed by sarcasm, as he enjoys it too much to take offense. He is slightly allergic to several flavors of pollen, authorities and American accents. In battle he'd be an absolute pushover, so he doesn't fight. Ever.
Katie Sehorn

A tall, heavy woman with short red hair that like to frizz out a lot. She is most often found in a state of annoying cheerfulness, though she is capable of the occasional Redhead Temper Tantrum (tm) and is likely to fret over injured adventurers.

She can hit to attack, touch to make your hair frizz out (a temporary -2 to Appearance), or hug to cure wounds.

Richard Fowler

A man who looks strangely familiar, but whose facial hair changes every time you encounter him. He dances by gracefully, stopping only long enough to tell you far more than you wanted to know on the current subject of discussion.

He can confuse, fascinate, and amuse, and may grant the skills of dancing, sophistry, or searching if properly coaxed.

Torsten Edelmann

A hulking figure, just a little above 6 foot and three inches, with extremely long hair, this person may look intimidating, but those who dared to try have found out that he can, in times, be quite friendly. Travelers have mentioned though, that you should never ever bore him, for it results in instant retribution with verbal attacks.

He can hit to ridicule, hit to flame and hit to make fun of you. He is in no way resistant to flames, yet he seems to thrive on them.

Adam Taylor

He is a giant of a man, standing a foot or two taller than most mortal men. He is often described as a "knight in Mostly Shining Armour". He usually goes by the title of "Lord Blade", though what exactly he is lord of is unclear. A loyal ally to those worthy of his friendship and a wrathful demon to those who would bring them harm. His combat prowess is legendary, mostly due to the practice he receives while using his unique sense of humour... or accidentally seducing the wrong woman (something about "bedroom eyes").

Once he sets his sight on a goal he cannot be stopped. Though he may be delayed by a gaming convention, the offer of sushi, or a charming wench. He is often found speaking with various "Creators" about how their worlds can be improved.

He can taunt to confuse, hit to borrow money, look to seduce and whine to get out of work. He also has the ability to talk to massively increase the workload of others. Though this last attack seems to have the power to make them think it was their idea.

John Michaud

Oh NO! It's one of those... those... FREAKS! AHHHHGH! Before you turn and run for your decency, you glimpse the slim form of one creature that exudes an aura of weirdness about itself. (Or is that BO?) It stands upon two feet clad in what looks to be shredded tires and leather, (really, they're shoes! Honest!) with the inscription "VANS" across the side. Short green hair covers its elven skull, its long arms and thin fingers look as though they could fit up into a soda machine, and its hazel sometimes blue sometimes gray eyes look as though they've seen "Tetsuo the Iron Man" one too many times. It wears a peculiar mix of military surplus clothing and duct tape as armor. You sense that this creature is very good with its hands, in fact this creature could possibly be a baker in its spare time. Or is it a potter? However you look at it though, it still reminds you of someone that has a million things they want to do, and not nearly enough money for a cloning machine.

Its primary form of attack is the "Thousand hand pimp slap". It can confuse, corrupt, and make prank calls to government offices. Eating its corpse will instantly cause you to gag and vomit and wish you had some Tabasco sauce, then die. But if you examine the corpse before you stuff it in your mouth, you will find the following, tattooed, in small black letters, on the back of its neck...


Adam Rixey

A man of medium build, clothed in mismatched shades of black. A brightly-colored parrot sits on his shoulder, nibbling at his hair. Adam wander about aimlessly, mumbling incoherently. he seems to be searching for a method of traveling to Andromeda.

He is magical, casting spells which summon birds, cause confusion, and cause darkness. He can hit to mock, and hit to babble. He can not successfully hit females. He flees upon taking damage.

David Loewenstern

The bizarre result of an experiment in crossing humans with hurthlings, this nearly man-sized creature has a round face and body, unkempt brown hair, and hairy toes. He is wearing blue jeans and a tee-shirt decorated with a Darwinfish, a strange creature created by IPU, the goddess of irony. His eyes are weak from years of wasting time playing computer games and reading Usenet.

He is armed with a copy of this thesis, "Machine Learning on DNA Sequences using Sequence Compression Techniques". He can lecture pedantically, strike to kill time, and stab (with witticisms) to lower ego.

Stefanie Woll

An inconspicuous, well-dressed monster with red eyes and green hair, er, green eyes and red hair. She's usually surrounded by potted plants and piles of books and will readily chat about matters political, historical, literary and arcane. When she's in a good mood, she can offer good advice on herbalism, alchemy, gardening and food preservation. When she's in a foul mood, she'll babble you to confusion and pick your pockets. Placate her with a potion of booze, a pearl necklace or an invitation for dinner.

Attacking her will irrevocably ruin your alignment. In return, she'll summon scores of highly experienced battle bunnies (her favorite pets) or teleport you to a particularly nasty place. If you are a skilled musician (or really good looking) you may persuade her to follow you as your companion. She's a fearless fighter who can save your neck in many a tricky situation. However, be prepared to lose sight of her once you reach the casino.

Dwight McDowell

A tall wild haired man. He is often found trying to convince the local townspeople that he is a minstrel of great merit. This would probably work if his motto were something other than "semper non sequitur". Still his poetry is only confusing, not deadly. Like the mayor would have you believe.

He can hit to confuse, and hit to FNORD.

Greg Wooledge

This wandering spirit seems to be everywhere at once! He is quick to supply an answer -- sometimes even a correct one -- whether asked or not. He is most often accompanied by one or more computers.

He can touch to correct spelling, touch to debug trivial software problems (leaving the major flaws intact), and touch to install Linux.

Chris Koeberle

A stocky, hairy man. Occasionally an unstoppable flurry of activity, occasionally a hibernating lump. His powerful wit is matched only by his powerful stench.

He can hit to baffle, and hit to irritate.

Tom Nowacki

Always roaming the corridors of the dungeons for Swords of Sharpness and Maces of Destruction (they're so much better than the artifact weapons) this tall, blond haired bespectacled youth usually prefers to remain in the background. You feel an intense desire to pronounce his last name correctly...

It can slap to demean with 1d3 damage.

Chris Ingersoll The spirit of Vyolynce often assumes this earthly avatar in order to better observe the residents of Ancardia. Always shrouded in dark robes, it is a little over 2 meters tall, with ice-blue eyes and a scarecrow-like countenance. While not especially well-muscled, it more than makes up for its lack of strength with its precision and anatomical knowledge. If you should find him, you would be best to leave him alone, as his chaos-tainted stare can instill fear and confusion in even the bravest souls; he can also punch through even the strongest armors, often critically. You've been warned.
Laurence Brothers

A short round person who appears to be one of the Leshy. he wears strange denim pants, and a black T-shirt emblazoned with a worn and faded sigil you can just barely make out -- it appears to be the letter "omega". He bears the strange and dubious tools of the oneiromancer, and is accompanied by the almost-visible wraiths of lost and forgotten dreams, which perhaps accounts for the distracted look you see in his eyes.

He can hit to confuse, hit to confuse, and hit to confuse. He is immune to mental attack, and has a high resistance to work.

Erwin Mascardo

A man of medium height who wears a look on his face like he's triggered one too many falling door traps. He appears to be carrying a faded early draft of the Drakalor Chain Board of Tourism's Frequently Asked Questions list, as well as several Scrolls of Ranting About Realism Vs. Gameplay. If you want one of the latter, just give him a potion of water and suggest that he drink one every few hours.

He can hit to answer questions, hit to post spoilers, hit to rant, and hit you up for votes for ADOM on the Internet Entertainment Charts.

William Tanksley

It's hard to tell what's worst about this large man -- the oddly trimmed Van Dyke beard or the 256-bladed random number generator he holds. This is a man who without a doubt is on the side of Chaos, all of his Lawful posturing and attempts at good grooming aside. For all the power of the weapon he holds, the most powerful fear you feel is the fear of him suggesting something else to Thomas and delaying the next release.

He can hit for 1d256 (slay player character) and summon abnormally strong monsters or powerful artifact guardians carrying lousy artifacts. He can cast spells which regenerate the dungeon (usually with trap rooms right in your way), restock shops (with worthless items), roll the one birthsign which you didn't want for the class you were wanting to play, and generally cause great feelings of depression and annoyance. He drops only lousy stuff.

In ADOM v. 1.2.0, entries were added for the rest of the team that worked on the development of the game since said version.

Name Description
Jochen, JT, Jochen Terstiege A tall human adventurer with dark brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a leather jacket (no, he doesn't sell them) and an explorer hat. Jochen likes challenge puzzles and strange artifacts, for example the famous cube of Kibur. He wields all kinds of weapons but never starts a new adventure without his trusted whip. Jochen also speaks many strange languages, is marvelously efficient at decrypting ancient runes, continuously picks up new languages and uses this talent to explore endless new dimensions. He also is said to be responsible for keeping an ancient entity alive across many of the dimensions he explored.

An elven paladin of average stature. A silver circlet adorns his head while his features are concealed by a black and white mask. He carries a wand and every once in a while uses it to craft brightly colored images out of thin air. His weapon of choice, known as the Hammer of Ridicule, hands by his least for now.

"Remember, the Hammer of Ridicule has two heads - you are one of them, the other one... is your cat"

Lucas, Lucas Dieguez, Soundwizard, Oneiros

A humanoid creature covered in thick dark fur. Probably some kind of hermit, given the state of his old rugs. This dwarf wears a heavily worn armour, and does not seem very aware of his surroundings. Two green, uneasy eyes are barely visible behind his hear, which falls freely upon his face. He takes long strides while constantly mumbling arcane melodies, but even when he remains silent for a second, one can hear all kinds of weird sounds, made by the instruments he hids underneath his beard. Rumours abound about him swallowing a whole orchestra, in a failed attempt of filling up his hunger for new tunes. If and when someone dares to confront him, he will drive him insane talking to him about theories of composition, the musical problematic, and the details of his Treaty of Bizarre Sound Building.

He can hit the right note, hit his timpani for vibration damage, and sometimes he can even compose a hit. He is also known to instill madness on musicians with varied results, often leading to catastrophic orchestra disruption.

Zeno, Z, Zeno Rogue

An extremely lawful half-elven artificer of unknown origins. He drank some strange potions, which gave him extra arms, and thus he is often seen wielding many weapons, including the artifact flaming sword of his creation, Primeslayer. He is also rumored to be able to quickly create worlds of his own, which are either filled with fog turning everyone mad, or so confusing that even Zeno himself cannot find his way through them. But he is most famous in Ancardia for inventing the necklace of the eye. Whether you are want to see beautiful views in the Drakalor Chain, paint like the great artist Ravenmore, or to see Oneiros at his concert despite being too late to get a place in one of the first hundred rows, the necklace of the eye is indispensable.

He can hit, but only if his weapon is not stronger than enough to kill in one hit, due to his moral rules. He carries an extremely weak rusty knife just in case. His attacks always hit, but he cannot dodge even the slowest attacks himself. He is able to confuse living beings by teleporting them to his own world.

The si[]

The si is a reference to an item with the same name which originated in an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game, as explained in the readme. In summary, while playing AD&D one of Thomas Biskup's friends found the word "si" written on his equipment list, for no specific reason. There was no obvious way to use it, just like the si is largely useless in ADOM.

Naming Shenanigans[]

When the PC attempts to rename his/her character, the message "This ugly monster is already named "pcname".

You can, however, still rename your character.

IBM Guild Manual[]

The IBM Guild Manual is a rare scroll that permanently confuses the PC when read. It is a reference to the confusing nature of the manuals for IBM products.