School Arcane
Type Utility/Damage
Range N/A
Base cost 80
Equivalent item wand of earthquakes

Earthquake is an arcane utility/damaging spell in ADOM. It allows the caster to unleash a destructive force on the current level, razing walls and toppling segments of level ceiling.

Earthquake spell destroys a portion of level walls and drops parts of the ceiling on random tiles, which deals damage to monsters occupying these tiles as well as to the PC himself/herself if he's caught in the effect. Monsters can be killed as a result of this, but they do not appear to be considered the PC's victims in this case not granting experience and not being reflected in the kill list.

Earthquake doesn't work on unique levels and cannot destroy undiggable walls. It also doesn't work anywhere in the Infinite Dungeon.

Note that ceiling fragments which fall onto river tiles will transform them into normal dungeon tiles allowing unobstructed passage.


Earthquake doesn't depend on any attribute due to its fixed effect. Spell proficiency likewise doesn't improve anything except base cost.


It seems that neutral/friendly monster will only turn hostile on the PC if they were damaged by the spell and the PC was in their line of sight when the spell was cast.