The Dwarven Graveyard is a location on the edge of the map due south of Lawenilothehl. It is only visible after the player has spoken to Thrundarr in Dwarftown and activated the Portal Quest.

Main Features[]

The Dwarven Graveyard features two levels.

The upper level consists of a large field packed with undead, including zombies, ghuls, shadows, and wights, and many tombstones. In the centre of the map there is a mausoleum with a downward stairwell within it. Reading the tombstones will train literacy, and if the PC wishes to engage in grave robbing, there are many treasures that are potentially available from the graves as well. The undead outside are generally worth killing, since the danger level in the area is quite high compared to what the PC might see elsewhere at this point in the game, so there is a chance of finding exceptionally good items in this area.

Symbol Name Notes
# Secret passage Searching will reveal the hidden passage.
@ Nonnak Master necromancer
Y Bone golem Guards the elemental gauntlets
Z Griff Bloodax Undead chaos dwarven berserker
+ Grave Griff Bloodax's grave, whereupon digging will yield the Sword of Nonnak

The lower level is a level of fixed design peppered with traps and undead. In the eastern chamber of the room lives Nonnak, the master necromancer, Griff Bloodax, the undead chaos dwarven berserker, and numerous undead. Killing Nonnak and Griff Bloodax will complete the Portal Quest and allow access to the lower CoC. Griff Bloodax can be killed either in melee or by pouring holy water on his grave. The rewards for completing the quest seem to somehow depend on the manner in which Griff is killed, but the details of this have not been worked out.

Digging up the grave of Griff Bloodax will reveal the Sword of Nonnak, wrapped up in an antediluvian dwarven map fragment. As with any grave digging, this is a chaotic act.

In the back of the chamber, a hidden room contains a bone golem and the extremely useful elemental gauntlets.



Completion of the Portal Quest