Dwarftown is located somewhere between level nine to eleven of the Caverns of Chaos. It is one of the only "safe zones" in the CoC, and many players use it as a base of operations for most of the game. Dwarves seem to have it frequently generated on D:9, which makes it corruption-free (as opposed to slight background corruption on D:10-11). Natural monster generation does not occur on the level; players thus should not expect any hostile response (unless they create the situation themselves) except for a possible mimic in the town shop and a greater daemon during one of Thrundarr's quests.

Main Features[]

Symbol Name Notes
h Garth Dwarven weaponmaster who provides training
h Thrundarr Ancient dwarf, who provides quests and always stands over the lever that controls the ancient portal
h Glod Dwarven smith
h Dwarven Elite Guardian Always in front of Thrundarr's room
h Dwarven Mystic Always in his sealed room, provides the artifact axe
h Torgall Innkeeper who sells booze
@ Ruun Priest, always near the altar
@ Bart Grizzled gladiator who will teach skills in exchange for the Golden gladius
r Demented Ratling Eats artifacts in exchange for the secret of the Stone Circle, for an Ultra ending
@ Waldenbrook Shopkeeper of the general store
> Ogre Cave Stair Leads to the Ogre Cave, only appears after the quest has been assigned by Thrundarr

Dwarftown features a general shop owned by Waldenbrook, a forge owned by Glod, and an altar, which is looked after by the priest Ruun, who is always the same race as the player. If the player is lawful, then the altar will be generated as a lawful altar. If the player is neutral or chaotic, the altar will be neutral. This altar is unique in that most monster-types that appear in Dwarftown cannot be sacrificed on it; of the normal inhabitants of Dwarftown, only Waldenbrook, the demented ratling, and Bart may be sacrificed.


There are a number of important NPCs residing in Dwarftown, as well as a few less important ones. Note that attacking any resident of Dwarftown will cause muscular dwarves to be summoned in great numbers as well as causing Waldenbrook to become hostile, meaning it is a very bad idea to anger these dwarves unless you know exactly what you are doing.


Main article: Thrundarr

Thrundarr is the Elder of Dwarftown, and the assigner of six different quests. He is the only NPC in the game that gives you the ability to type what you want to say to him. He can provide trivia about a variety of in-game subjects.

He has five quests available in sequence, one after the other. If asked about "portal", he also assigns a quest to put Griff Bloodaxe to rest, the reward for doing so is that Thrundarr will unlock the lower section of the CoC for the player to explore. The Portal Quest may be done at any point, separately from Thrundarr's other quests.

It should be noted that is it not strictly necessary to do the Portal Quest in order to advance. There are ways to remove Thrundarr from where he is standing, allowing the player to "h"andle the Portal Lever themselves (which will open the lower part of the CoC).


Waldenbrook is the shopkeeper of Dwarftown's shop, one of the few guaranteed shops in the game. This is a general goods store, meaning all kinds of items and gear can be bought or sold there. On rare occasions, an artifact might even be in stock.

As might be expected, Waldenbrook is a dwarf and sets his prices accordingly - an issue for orc and dark elf players. Another issue is that his shop is almost guaranteed to contain a mimic, although mimics should be little threat for players who have managed to get this far.


Main article: Ruun

Ruun is the priest who seems to be in charge of the Dwarftown altar. He may identify healing potions when 'c'hatted to (if the PC has these potions and doesn't yet know their function) and accepts gold donations for a lawful boost.

He will defend the altar and become hostile if the PC converts it to any alignment different from initial (or destroys the altar by kicking or smashing it using the Moloch's Thorns). If Ruun is killed anywhere (either in Dwarftown or outside of it) by the PC himself/herself, his spirit will manifest in Dwarftown next time the PC sets foot there and turn all (except the demented ratling) residents hostile.


Main article: Garth

Garth is the resident Weaponmaster, but don't let that fool you. He can be plenty of service to magic-oriented players, too. For a price, he is able to train all the player's stats, except Appearance and Mana. Interestingly, Garth's prices are not set, and the player can pay however much (or little) as they please. Naturally, the more a player pays Garth, the more they get out of it.

Note that any stat increases here will not happen immediately. The stat has simply been trained, and may go up the next time the game checks for stat increases. Giving Garth massive amounts of gold can result in multiple stat increases over time, especially if the stat involved was very low to begin with.

Training with Garth is a good way to raise stats in the mid to late game, when players often have nothing better to spend their mountains of gold on anyway.

Dwarven mystic

Main article: Dwarven mystic

The dwarven mystic can be found in a 2x2 square room with no entrance. Its walls are undiggable. The only way in or out is through teleporting, be it from a spell, scroll, or wand. Players should have at least two charges' worth of these handy before teleporting into the square, lest they end up trapped there to face a slow, humiliating YASD via starvation.

When "C"hatted to, the Dwarven Mystic will give neutral or lawful players an item before disappearing. He gives nothing to chaotics, or if muscular dwarves have been summoned for any reason.

Demented ratling

Main article: Demented ratling

The demented ratling is extremely important to players attempting an ultra ending, as he is the only NPC that can reveal the secret of the Ancient Stone Circle, which is the only place to find the Crown of Chaos.

Players uninterested in an ultra ending may ignore the demented ratling altogether.

Bart the Grizzled Gladiator

Main article: Bart

Bart is an old ex-gladiator whose fighting days are behind him. He now spends all his time in the Dwarftown pub, drinking and talking of better times.

If the player gives him the Golden gladius (in order to do so the PC with the artifact in his/her possession should simply 'c'hat with Bart), he will teach some skills including Tactics and provide minor melee weapon training. He is the only source of the Tactics skill in the game other than wishing, and the Gladius is a mediocre artifact anyway, so this is a good trade for the player.

Players who intend to make the trade may want to wait until Thrundarr assigns them the quest to become the Arena champion (which is how the Gladius is obtained in the first place). If the player conquers the Arena before the quest is assigned, Thrundarr will instead assign a (far more annoying) random monster hunt.

Torgall the Dwarven Innkeeper

Torgall is the innkeeper of the Green Griffon inn. In return for a gold piece, he will sell the player a drink along with a helpful hint (as can be found in fortune cookies). Unlike potions of booze, this action does not result in confusing the player.


Main article: Glod

Glod runs the forge in Dwarftown, and can teach Smithing to players who can pay his price. He will also offer to rent his forge to players who already have the Smithing skill. Finally, he can fix broken or rusty items for a fee. Any such items must be in the player's inventory - Glod will not make the offer for equipped items.

Dwarven elite guardians

Two Dwarven Elite Guardians stand guard outside Thrundarr's house. They are extremely strong, and are not to be taken lightly. Luckily, non-chaotic players should have no reason to tangle with them.


Dwarftown also features many dwarves (both male and female), dwarven children, and dwarven guardians, all roaming the city at random. Unless the city comes under threat, they will all simply roam around at random and they are a good source of pickaxes.


Thrundarr and the demented ratling give the PC a number of quests.