Duelist is a class in ADOM which was introduced in v. 1.2.0.

Duelists are fighters that practice melee combat as an artform, putting emphasis on precise strikes with their weapons that can even punch through the armor of humanoid opponents. However, they must not be burdened by equipment or armor nor wielding a two-handed weapon or shield for their penetrating attacks to work. Any of these conditions will also stop them from using their class powers.

Duelists have a very desirable melee skillset that includes Alertness, Find weakness, Dodge and Athletics. Amongst the other classes, Duelists perhaps stand out as the specialists of melee combat. Their class powers allow them to become extremely powerful, particularly in the mid-to-late game. Even if they don't follow the restraints of fighting one-handed and not being burdened, they will not get any particular penalties (just denied bonuses), and are still respectable fighters. On the other hand, they have a considerable disadvantage with ranged weapons since they require an enormous amount of marks to increase their skill level with them, and despite starting with Concentration most Duelists are not very good magic users. They also have difficulties increasing skill levels with shields, polearms and two-handed weapons.

Regarding race/class combos, obviously a physically strong race would be preferred for the amount of melee combat duelists tend to engage in (as well as allowing them to carry more equipment without becoming burdened); Drakelings, Dwarves and Orcs usually make good choices. Whilst their melee prospects aren't as good, Elven Duelists at least stand some sort of chance of channeling magic and (except for Dark Elves) have superior starting equipment. Of course, Trolls would be the best class for fighting and carrying a heavy inventory with... though due to slow experience gains they might lose out on some good class powers. For a less intuitive combination, Hurthling Duelists get an amazing skill spread, and a reliable way to mix (non-slaying) missile combat into a duelist's repertoire with their high starting skill with thrown rocks, as well as fast levelling.

Basic Information[]

Manual information[]

A duelist emphasizes physical and mental acuity, and precision in all things. Thus, the ability to accurately perceive their surroundings, and gracefully move through them, along with an appreciation for the fine arts that help separate them from their more thuggish contemporaries. They rely on the swiftness of their strikes and their agility to keep them safe from harm. Duelists differ between races however - while a high elven duelist might elegantly skewer his opponents with a rapier while darting through their defenses, a trollish duelist's idea of precision might be the simple fact that their size, reach, and strength allows them to lunge at their opponents from an amazing range and smash them over the head before they can respond, while their mental acuity might be the simple zen of knowing nothing but the clubbing, letting nothing interfere with their "art".

Base Stats[]

The base stats for grown up male duelists are tabulated below; female characters will have approximately -1 Strength and +1 Dex, and young characters have slightly less Strength, Learning and Willpower. These stats were generated using the method described on the Talk:Archer page, except with star sign factored in. Variations of +/- 5 to each stat will usually exist, or even more if the question system is not skipped.

Duelists generally receive good bonuses to their physical stats—including a huge boost to Dexterity—as well as boosts to Charisma and Appearance. They appear to receive a small penalty to Mana and have about average mental stats.

Race St Le Wi Dx To Ch Ap Ma Pe
Human 14 16 12 16 14 14 14 10 12
Troll 25 7 10 13 25 8 7 6 10
High Elf 14 17 11 24 11 14 20 13 17
Gray Elf 14 17 12 22 10 11 25 15 17
Dark Elf 13 13 14 24 13 10 17 16 16
Dwarf 17 15 13 14 18 13 13 10 13
Gnome 13 15 11 19 15 17 14 14 13
Hurthling 8 13 12 24 17 17 14 8 12
Orc 20 11 12 16 18 11 10 6 10
Drakeling 18 13 14 14 18 14 11 10 11
Mist Elf 11 20 12 22 10 11 31 19 19
Ratling 14 13 12 21 18 10 7 10 16

Starting Skills[]

Skill Typical Value Typical Modifier Available Ingame?
Alertness 20 4d4 No
Athletics 27 4d5 No
Concentration 15 4d5 No
Dodge 26 (depends on Dexterity) 4d5 No
Find weakness 20 4d5 No
Healing 7 4d5 Yes
Law 15 4d5 Yes

Crowning Gifts[]

All of the crowning gifts available to Duelists are rather good. Executor is probably the holy grail for Duelists, since combined with their class abilities (particularly penetrating attacks) it can swiftly deal tremendous amounts of damage to particular opponents. Whilst the damage potential of Trusted One is rather mediocre, it has excellent defensive stats and might make a passably good weapon for Duelists given the bonuses they get when fighting with one-handed weapons.

HP, PP, To-hit Growth by Level[]

HP: Medium
PP: None
Melee to-hit: Very high
Ranged to-hit: Low

Special Abilities[]

Class Abilities[]

  • Duelists cannot activate or benefit from any class powers if wearing a shield, dual-wielding, wielding a two-handed weapon, wearing heavy armor (250s seems to be the limit), or if burdened or worse.
  • If the conditions for allowing their class powers are met, Duelists get bonuses of +1 to-hit per skill level with their wielded weapon and +1 to damage per two skill levels with their wielded weapon.
    • Additionally, they have a chance to bypass the PV of humanoid opponents on successful strikes. This doesn't occur against some opponents that are considered humanoid for slaying purposes but are not 'true' humanoids (e.g.: golems and certain undead creatures).
  • Weapon specialties: The amount of marks required for Duelists to advance weapon skill levels are
    • 20% less for one-handed weapons except for polearms
    • 2.4 times the usual amount for shields, unarmed fighting, polearms, two-handed weapons and staves
    • Over 10 times the usual amount for missile weapons. Also, Duelists get half the normal range increase modifier from missile weapon skills.

Class Powers[]

  • Level 6: Energy cost for melee attacks are reduced by [skill level for wielded weapon*15]; on top of the usual discount of roughly 25 energy points per skill level.
  • Level 12: Gains a +2 bonus to DV per skill level for currently wielded weapon.
  • Level 18: 'Glove slap' — Can stun an opponent for 2d3 + (1 per 10 levels) turns by giving them gauntlets.
  • Level 25: Chance to penetrate armor of opponents upon successful strikes is increased by 20%
  • Level 32: Gains a +12 bonus to Dexterity.
  • Level 40: Gains 6 extra levels for all one-handed melee weapon skills.
  • Level 50: Gains a +20 bonus to speed.

Starting Gear[]

All Duelists start the game with

Race specific gear[]

Human Troll High Elf Grey Elf Dark Elf
Dwarf Gnome Hurthling Orc Drakeling
Mist Elf Ratling