The Druid Dungeon (DD) is a dungeon southeast of Terinyo that will appear after the Kill Keethrax quest has been assigned. It consists of seven levels, with the druid Keethrax living on the bottom level.

Main Features[]

Much like the Village Dungeon, the Druid Dungeon does not have most dungeon features; altars and tension rooms may be generated, but herbs, forges, etc. generally may not be.

Keethrax lives on the seventh level of the dungeon. This level is unique in that, aside from Keethrax, only animals may be found on this floor. These include rats, bats, giant raccoons, fire lizards, spiders of various kinds, giant slugs, cats, and dogs of various kinds. Of these, giant slugs are fairly out of depth compared to other creatures in the dungeon, and have a dangerous acid breath attack. Some players spend time hunting this floor for giant slug corpses, which always grant immunity to acid when eaten. See Kill Keethrax for tips on defeating Keethrax.

Unlike other places, animals here are hostile towards PCs of the Druid class. Additionally, animals on Keethrax's level can't be calmed using the Calm Monster spell, although they may be calmed and tamed by music.


  • Keethrax and animals on seventh level
  • Typical low-level monsters on all other floors


The player is sent here to complete the Kill Keethrax quest.