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Druids are quite powerful clerical casters that usually start out in better physical shape than Wizards or Priests, but tend not to be as proficient with magic as either. Druids start the game with higher piety than other classes.

As beings that are one with nature, animals that are naturally generated during the game will not be hostile to Druids. Druids also have a very varied skillset as nature priests, including useful skills like Herbalism and Swimming, and quite rare skills like Woodcraft and Gardening. Concentration and Literacy of course are must-have skills for them; they tend to advance in these skills slowly compared to other casting classes, though, which can make them somewhat frustrating to play in the early game.

Basic Information Edit

Manual informationEdit

Druids are nature priests. They worship the Old Gods and regard all nature as a holy thing to worship and protect. Their specialty are spells of nature and protection. It is said that no animal will willingly harm a druid.

Base Stats Edit

Statistically average stats for each race are listed below. Male Druids can be expected to have an extra point in Strength, female Druids — an extra point in Dexterity.

Race St Le Wi Dx To Ch Ap Ma Pe
Human 13 15 12 12 15 11 11 14 12
Troll 23 7 8 10 25 7 6 10 9
High Elf 12 16 10 19 12 10 15 17 17
Gray Elf 11 17 11 16 11 8 20 20 17
Dark Elf 11 12 13 18 14 7 13 20 16
Dwarf 15 13 13 10 19 9 9 13 13
Gnome 11 14 10 13 16 13 10 18 13
Hurthling 10 12 11 18 17 13 11 11 12
Orc 16 9 11 11 19 8 7 10 10
Drakeling 15 12 14 11 19 10 8 14 11
Mist Elf 11 19 10 16 10 8 25 25 19
Ratling 12 11 10 15 20 6 5 13 16

Starting Skills Edit

Skill Typical Value Typical Modifier Available Ingame?
Climbing 48 (depends on Dexterity) 3d5 N/A
Concentration 40 3d3 No
First aid 46 (depends on Learning) 3d3 N/A
Gardening 7 4d5 Yes
Healing 45 3d5 Yes
Herbalism 75 3d4 Yes
Listening 47 (depends on Perception) 3d4 N/A
Literacy 50 3d3 Yes
Survival 40 4d4 No
Swimming 40 3d4 Yes
Woodcraft 7 4d5 No

Crowning Gifts Edit

Nature's Companion is certainly the most useful of these for Druids. Druids that rely on melee a lot, such as Trollish or Orcish druids, may also be happy with Purifier or Eagle's Claw.

HP, PP, To-hit Growth by Level Edit

HP: Low
PP: High
Melee to-hit: High
Ranged to-hit: Low

Special Abilities Edit

Class Abilities Edit

  • Animals will generally be generated non-hostile if the PC is a Druid.
    • Exceptions are those that are summoned, those that appear in tension rooms, or all animals in Keethrax's level.
  • Sacrificing animals as a non-chaotic druid decreases piety with your god and shifts alignment towards chaotic. This applies even to corrupted animals, such as chaos spiders or chaos rats.
  • Druids will get a different reward for completing Guth'Alak's quest. This will be instead of the "knowledge or power" choice.
  • Heir gift: yellow <armor> of life. Some races will get robes; others will get leather armor. Note that this armor seems to be of particularly good quality — it has typical stats of [+0, +5] or even [+0, +6].
  • Druids need 50% more marks to increase a weapon skill (for all weapon categories).

Class Powers Edit

  • Level 6: Choosing to 'e'vade wilderness encounters will always work.
  • Level 12: PP regeneration in the wilderness is increased to twice its usual rate.
  • Level 18: Gains immunity to 'all weather effects' (i.e. rain).
  • Level 25: Gains ability to summon 1d3 major animals, at the cost of 1d3 Mana points. This also trains Mana (similarly to necromancy).
  • Level 32: HP regeneration in the wilderness is increased to twice its usual rate.
  • Level 40: Gains shock immunity.
  • Level 50: Corruption inflicted on the PC is reduced by 10%.

Starting Gear Edit

All Druids start the game with

Race specific gearEdit

Human Troll High Elf Grey Elf Dark Elf
Dwarf Gnome Hurthling Orc Drakeling
Mist Elf Ratling
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