This is a page about a star sign. For other uses, see Dragon.

Dragon is a star sign in ADOM. It is the second month of summer in Ancardia


Ferocity, Combat, Might, Rulership, Anger, Combat Magic


10% increased effects from Tactics settings, -3 to initial Willpower, +2 to initial Strength, +1 to initial Toughness, costs to increase weapon skills are reduced by 10%, combat magic is 10% cheaper in power points

Bonus evaluation[]

10% increased effects from Tactics settings[]

These bonuses are quite useful to have, particularly later in the game when the PC has fully trained the Tactics skill and has access to more powerful weapons. Not particularly noticeable early in the game.

-3 to initial Willpower[]

The only truly negative star sign effect in the game, presumably put in place to balance out the other bonuses of the star sign. Willpower is easy to train using herbs, so a penalty to starting Willpower is unlikely to have a significant impact on gameplay for most PCs.

+2 to initial Strength[]

Extra strength is quite useful, though like other modifications to starting stats it is not hugely significant. It might ease the early game for PCs that are neither trained in melee or magic, such as merchants or Bards, and help PCs carry more stuff comfortably.

+1 to initial Toughness[]

Again, not hugely significant, but somewhat helpful for typically frail PCs like (elven) Wizards.

Costs to increase weapon skills are reduced by 10%[]

Note that this effect applies to ranged weapon skills, allowing Archers to level their weapon skills faster. Also useful for any PC that will engage in melee often, maybe particularly so for 'semi-Fighters' such as Priests (which will get their increased weapon marks requirement alleviated by this effect).

Combat magic is 10% cheaper in power points[]

Perhaps mainly of interest to semi-casters, which get less PP per level than the dedicated spellcasting classes (Wizard, necromancer, Elementalist, Priest, druid). Wizards and Priests eventually get superior spellcasting discounts anyway, which (presumably) overrides this bonus. Combat magic includes: Destroy Undead, Magic Missile, Burning Hands, Fire Bolt, Frost Bolt, Acid Bolt, Fireball, Improved Fireball, Death Ray.


Dragon is quite a good star sign overall, except for its small effect on Willpower. The star sign manages to offer some benefits to both fighters and casters. This balance, however, makes the sign perhaps not quite as attractive to either type of character as other signs (e.g. casters might get more benefit out of Salamander, and fighters might get more benefit out of Sword).