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Dragon is a monster type. In ASCII graphics mode, this category consists solely of monsters represented by the letter 'D' or 'W' (dragons and wyrms, respectively).

Common attributes[]

All dragons have breath attacks, while wyrms have extra magical attacks too. Most dragons and wyrms are associated with an element, with the exception of karmic dragons (which harness all elements), water dragons, stone dragons, and shadow wyrms.

All dragons and wyrms are vulnerable to dragon slaying weapons. These include arrows/quarrels/sling bullets of dragon slaying, and the artifact weapons Wyrmlance and Vanquisher.

Most dragons and wyrms are chaotic, and a number of them yield a small alignment boost when killed.


Colored dragons and wyrms — i.e. all dragons bar karmic, water and shadow ones — can be enraged by giving them a dragon-hide item that is the same color as them. They will also instantly destroy the item. There is, of course, usually very little reason to actually do this.

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