Divine retribution refers to the PC being punished by an angry deity. Deities usually become angry if the PC prays too much or attacks their altars, or if they are insulted by their champions that offer their crowning gift(s) back to them or change alignment after being crowned. As supreme beings, it is usually not a good idea to mess with gods.


(Note this section may not be exhaustive)

  • Equipment destruction ("Your equipment turns to dust."): All non-artifact items that the PC has equipped are instantly destroyed, including eternium and crystal items. This usually occurs if the PC keeps praying after the deity calls him/her a "nuisance", or destroys the deity's altar. If the PC is at a serious loss for item uncursing means, (s)he can try unequipping all non-cursed items (s)he has and kicking the altar of a deity (not their own!) for this to occur.
  • Inventory cursing ("You glow in a black light."): Every item the PC has equipped and in the backpack becomes cursed. Usually occurs if the deity is angry, but the PC has no equipment for it to destroy. The PC should see to getting a potion of water blessed by a more friendly deity and dipping a scroll of uncursing in it right away.
  • Dooming and cursing ("You feel bad... very bad."): Can occur if the PC keeps praying after the deity calls him/her a nuisance, or if the PC becomes a fallen champion.
  • Direct attack: If the PC keeps praying until the deity says "Mortal, ye art a pest!", (s)he will get hit and damaged by a bolt of flaring fire, True Matter, or chilling energy from the deity, depending on the PC's alignment.
  • Summoning: The deity will summon hordes of creatures to attack the PC; lawful deities summon solars, neutral deities summon holy slayers, chaotic deities summon greater daemons. This occurs if the PC prays to a deity at an extremely low piety level (causing the deity to scream "MORTAL, YE HAVE PESTERED ME FOR TOO LONG!"). If the PC becomes a fallen champion, their deity will summon spectres to attack him/her.