Disarming is an action employed by certain enemies in melee combat against a PC wielding at least one melee weapon. When successfully executed, the PC's melee weapon will be tossed into a random non-wall direction, ending up on the floor. If the weapon ends up flying onto a square occupied by a creature — including the disarmer themselves — it will miss them entirely and lie on the floor just below, potentially making the item rather hard to get to and pick up again. The success of the disarming roll depends on the skill of the user — ratling duelists, for instance, being rather better at it than ratling fencers — and the PC's own weapon skill and Dexterity value.

Getting disarmed is one of the ways to remove a cursed item from the right or left hand slot (but only if the item belongs to a melee weapon type; armor, scrolls, foods etc. cannot be disarmed). A useful tactic to identify weapons in the early game, provided the PC can survive several turns without significant risk, is to equip all weapons one by one near a hostile disarmer. Even if the weapon is cursed, it can be promptly removed without making an impact on the game.

Characters should pay particular heed to opponents that can disarm if standing in a shop — if a disarmed weapon ends up in a shop, the shopkeeper will regard it as a donation and hence claim ownership of it without paying the PC. The PC will end up having to buy the weapon back (or steal it), if (s)he can, which is particularly frustrating if the weapon in question is a highly valuable one (artifacts in particular).

For a list of monsters that can disarm, see the corresponding category. Certain boss monsters might also have the ability; Kedz the female claw bug and Sir Niveous Frost the wererat have it, at least.