In-game description "You thrive on the flesh of Order."
Message when acquired "You yearn to consume Order!"
Message when removed "You no longer hunger for Order!"
Attribute changes None.
Other effects Temporarily boosts speed after eating a lawful being

Devour Order is one of the 35 possible corruptions that can be inflicted on the PC. While the corruption is in effect, eating the corpse of a lawful being gives a speed bonus (possibly 1d100 points) that decays by 1 point per turn. It is unknown if the corruption has any negative effects, either by the disorder itself or as a consequence of eating lawful beings.


Though its usefulness is limited by the facts that very few monsters in the game are lawful (blink dogs being one notable example) and the bonus does not last very long, it appears to be entirely beneficial as it has no known negative effects.

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