Material required? None
80/100 giving extra checks? No
Obtainable in game? No
Wishable Yes

Gives a one-time (per item) chance to detect the B/U/C status of said item.

Manual info[]

This skill is automatically used to determine the {cursed


The skill allows to automatically detect the B/U/C status of an item effectively as soon as it is generated (this is noticeable when getting shot at — the PC may be able to identify the status of a missile (s)he was just hit by or evaded). Thus, the skill can trigger only once and any subsequent actions with the item that was not status-identified (such as dropping, picking up again or equipping) will not provide additional information.

Advanced uses[]

In the early game the skill allows the player to try out items without the danger of getting stuck due to the lack of means of uncursing. Additionally, identified items that behave differently when cursed (such as potions of invisibility) can be organized for later use.

Though scrolls of identify and co-aligned altars can also be used to check status of items anyway, the skill remains more convenient than such means throughout the game.


The following races start with the skill: Ratling.
The following classes start with the skill: Merchant and Priest.


Detecting (or failing to detect according to some in-game observations) item status.