Destroy Undead/Dispel Undead
School Arcane, Clerical
Type Damage
Range Touch
Base cost 8
Equivalent item N/A

Destroy Undead is an offensive spell in ADOM. It allows the caster to damage any undead creature in his/her immediate vicinity.

Dispel Undead is a high-reward high-risk spell suited for disposing of undead. It deals a great amount of damage, especially if used by a high-level PC, but requires the PC to get in melee range and has a chance to fail completely if the target resists the spell. These two disadvantages are devastating for the PC against the most powerful undead — lich kings and emperor liches — mainly because of stat draining abilities of these monsters. It remains a plausible and sometimes very effective against all other undead, as it can be cast using a defensive load-out and Coward mode — this significantly reduces potential harm to the PC.


Destroy Undead damage depends on the PC's level (L), Willpower score (W) and proficiency with the spell (P). The exact formula looks the following way:

{L + 1}d6 + W + P


Destroy Undead doesn't deal damage to non-undead creatures and doesn't anger neutral/friendly non-undead creatures. It is not trained if cast on non-undead target.

Spell messages

  • Casting Destroy Undead on a non-undead target will generate -target- hisses/screams/wails/etc. in obvious confusion. message.
  • Casting Destroy Undead on the PC himself/herself will generate You are still alive! message.