Demented Ratling
Location Dwarftown
Monster type Humanoid
Alignment Chaotic
Unique? Yes, but wishable
Sees invisible? No
Sees in the dark? No
Magic resistance None
Picks up items? Yes
1.1.1 KPL 5

The Demented Ratling can be found in Dwarftown, which is on level nine to eleven of the Caverns of Chaos. He is extremely important to players attempting an Ultra ending, as he is the only NPC that can reveal the secret of the Ancient Stone Circle, the place where the Crown of Chaos is found.

In order to receive the secret to entering the Stone Circle, the player must give the Demented Ratling six artifacts while being at chaotic alignment. You can give artifacts to a non-hostile Demented Ratling by throwing them at him. A hostile Demented Ratling will ignore thrown artifacts, but still cannot be damaged by them.

While any six artifacts (except the Si) may be used, there are a small number of useless or close-to-useless artifacts that experienced players call "ratling fodder".

If for any reason the PC changes alignment from Chaotic before all six artifacts have been delivered, DO NOT continue feeding the ratling. He will consume the artifact, but will reply with "Ye art a fool!" and will not count that artifact towards his requirement of six.

If the PC chats with the Demented Ratling too many times after being told how to reach the Ancient Stone Circle, the Demented Ratling may turn hostile. This can swiftly kill an unprepared PC before they have a chance to react.

For more information on what artifacts are commonly considered to be useful for sating the demented ratling, see the appropriate article.

Special abilities[]

Common stats[]

The Demented Ratling's gains 10 levels for each artifact he is fed. This increases his stats dramatically:

No artifacts: Level 1, DV 10, PV 0, Hits 121, Attacks 2, Damage 6-12, Speed 114

1 Artifact: Level 11, DV 16, PV 2, Hits 171, Attacks 3, Damage 9-15, Speed 134

2 Artifacts: Level 21, DV 23, PV 4, Hits 221, Attacks 4, Damage 12-18, Speed 154

3 Artifacts: Level 31, DV 30, PV 6, Hits 271, Attacks 5, Damage 16-22, Speed 174

4 Artifacts: Level 41 DV 36, PV 8, Hits 321, Attacks 6, Damage 19-25, Speed 194

5 Artifacts: Level 51, DV 43, PV 10, Hits 371, Attacks 7, Damage 22-28, Speed 214

6 Artifacts: Level 61, DV 50, PV 12, Hits 421, Attacks 8, Damage 26-32, Speed 234.

Corpse effects[]

Demented ratlings don't leave corpses.

Monster memory[]

This ratling seems physically stronger and mentally weaker than the others of his race. The random thrashing about might explain the physical strength, but nothing other than a severe warping of his being could explain the rambling and wandering about. The improved musculature can easily be seen through the disheveled, oddly mottled fur, and the rambling seems to affect the normal care of whiskers and facial hair, as drool trails overrun what would normally be orderly parts in the fur pattern.