Pantheon of ADOM gods:

Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Dwarves Morodwyn Clamgaddin Abbad-Undar
High elves Corellius Ayssia Ni'Pregh
Gray elves Corellius Ayssia Ni'Pregh
Dark elves Elderon Anssaria Lol'th
Orcs The One Who Sees The One Who Kills The One Who Rages
Humans Onn Istaria Ssraxx
Drakelings Sssracht Issrecht Ussrachs
Hurthlings Shalla Auroree Fnordjar
Trolls Ka'Omsh Ne'Ftrr Vagrak
Gnomes Gnarl Berwyn Urglyn
Mist elves Order Balance Chaos
Ratlings Fiit-Ssaaar Sssaass Fiit-Yaaar

Note that Chaos Knights of any race take Andor Drakon himself as their deity when chaotic.

God names serve mostly decorative function. Most interaction with them is done via altars and prayers. Divine services except item status detection and blessing Potions of water reduce piety.

Pleasing one god slightly reduces your piety towards other two racial gods and annoying one makes the other two slightly happier.