In-game description "Your bodily tissues seem to be in a state of decay requiring a lot of will to stay up."
Message when acquired "Your body starts to decay!"
Message when removed "Your body gets rid of all decay."
Attribute changes -5 Strength, -5 Appearance, -10 speed, +10 Willpower
Other effects Slows all HP regeneration

Decay is one of the 35 possible corruptions that can be inflicted on the PC. Any time the PC would regenerate health, either naturally or with magic regeneration, there is around a 60% chance that they do not.


Though the Willpower boost may be of benefit to Mindcrafters and mages wielding ball spells, the disadvantages are likely to significantly inconvenience them. PCs depending on melee might want to remove it for the stat changes alone, with the speed penalty likely to be a great concern for Chaos Knights that start with it. The regeneration penalty is definitely very undesirable to all, and may make it one of the worst corruptions even for Mindcrafters.

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