School Arcane, Clerical
Type Utility
Range Ball
Base cost 4
Equivalent item crystal of darkness

Darkness is a utility spell in ADOM. It allows the caster to permanently darken the area around him/her. Darkness is a ball spell and thus cannot be targeted.
Casting darkness can have tactical advantages, as there are many monsters that cannot see in darkness. However, while in 1.1.1 they used to stand in one place even under attack (unless panicking), as of 1.2.0 pre7 these monsters seem to just move randomly inside dark areas.
Casting Darkness can be very dangerous to doomed characters due to possibility to be eaten by a grue.
For further details, consult Darkness effect page.


Radius is defined as M{4, (W + E) / 4}. W stands for character's Willpower, E for spell efficiency and M (max) means the bigger of two values is chosen (thus, the minimum radius of Darkness is 4).