D:50 is the final level of the Caverns of chaos. Here, the Chaos Gate — the source of chaos and corruption in Ancardia — is found. On this level, players pursuing an ordinary ending will face their final challenge, and players going for an ordinary chaos god or ultra ending will face the penultimate challenge.

Main Features[]

Symbol Name Notes
& Fistanarius Greater balor, guarding the chaos gate.
& Lever Both levers need to be handled to close the gate. There is a balor standing on top of each one.
# Secret passage Searching will reveal the hidden passage.
& Balor Minion monster.
C Chaos Mutant Minion monster.
C Chaos Warrior Minion monster.
C Chaos Wizard Minion monster.
G Ghost Lord Minion monster.
C Greater Chaos Servant Minion monster.
j Writhing Mass of Primal Chaos Minion monster.

As with the water and air temples, the right side of the level has random dungeon rooms whilst the left hand side always has a certain structure. The right hand side might occasionally contain tension rooms or threat rooms, but presumably never any altars.

The left hand side contains the Chaos Gate, two levers to control it, and hordes of chaos monsters to protect these. The first chambers the PC comes across are filled with chaos mutants and writhing masses of primal chaos. There is a large lever in the top-left of the level, and one in the bottom-left. Both are guarded by chaos warriors, greater chaos servants and a few chaos wizards. Pulling down both levers will close the Chaos Gate; however, if any balors remain on the level one of them will teleport in lever location instantly reopening them once PC is far enough from the lever (~dozen steps or more).

The largest room in the left-centre of the level contains the Chaos Gate itself, hordes of ghost lords, some chaos wizards, nine balors and their master, Fistanarius the greater balor. Killing Fistanarius and the balors is one way of making sure the chaos gate stays closed for good... although there are other ways of doing so, such as destroying the levers completely or blocking balors access to them. PCs attempting an ordinary chaos god ending or ultra ending will want to step through the Chaos Gate instead; though they will need the right preparations to survive the passage to the ChAoS plane (see the corresponding articles).

Due to the PC's very close proximity to the Chaos Gate, background corruption is extremely high on D:50. Unlike some other special levels like the elemental temples, teleporting is permitted on D:50... which is also fortunate for the balors.



PCs must Close the Chaos Gate found on D:50, and then leave Ancardia with the gate permanently closed, to achieve a regular victory. PCs aiming for special ending must pass through the Chaos Gate into the ChAoS plane, and face their final challenge there.