D:49 is the second-to-last level of the Caverns of Chaos. It can only be accessed once the PC acquired and correctly used all of the Chaos Orbs in the elemental anomalies on D:48. It is a unique level in that it features no monsters, and due to its slippery floor, cannot be traversed through conventional means. Teleportation is suppressed on D:49. Also, levitation does not work on the level.

Main Features[]

Ice floor

Normally, the only ways to move in this area are to kick a wall or direct a sufficiently heavy projectile in the direction opposite that which the PC wishes to travel. Items less than 3s will not propel the PC, with the exception of arrows, quarrels, and potions of uselessness. The distance traveled depends on the range of the missile attack used. Items that return when thrown are particularly useful on this level for obvious reasons.

The entire level is diggable and the way to the down staircase may be significantly shortened by digging in the north-western direction.

The artifact boots Moloch's Thorns allow the PC to walk on the ice.

Cold damage

PCs will suffer minor cold damage while on this level applied each turn. However, this can be easily negated by the appropriate resistance. More seriously, drakelings or PCs suffering from the cold blood corruption will experience a massive decrease in their speed when traversing this level. Without a means to reheat themselves (Wand of fire, offensive Alchemy) on D:50, it will take some time to recover this speed.


PCs with a potion of uselessness can throw this item to receive a random artifact from a deity impressed by their ingenuity. This boon can only be received once. Throwing the potion will only be acknowledged if the PC actually moves as a result.

Monsters will never spawn on this level and will not follow the PC from the levels above and below. It may therefore be used as a safe (although highly corrupting) location to rest and regenerate in case continuous fighting on D:50 is hard for the PC to sustain. It also means that companions cannot be brought down from D:48. A player wishing to have companions on D:50 must generate them on D:50.

There are a number of bugs associated with this level in v. 1.1.1; PCs who become trapped in webs, for example, will be unable to break them through any means and will invariably starve to death. Fortunately, none of these are likely to affect regular gameplay, and most of these are fixed in 1.2.0.


None; no monsters may ever spawn here and creatures cannot be summoned through any means as of 1.2.0.


None, though throwing a potion of uselessness in this area will yield a free artifact.