D:48 is a special level with a transforming/reversible staircase, which leads to D:49 (and from there on to D:50 and potentially the chaos plane).

Staircase transformation from up to down stairs is irreversible, and once it happens the PC has no other option but to descend. Once chaos gate is closed properly, staircase will revert to upstairs upon returning to D:48.

Main Features[]

The main features are the aforementioned staircase, and the five elemental anomalies (represented by underscores in ASCII) :

  • Green: Mana anomaly
  • Brown: Earth
  • Dark blue: Water
  • Light blue: Air
  • Red: Fire.

Character should (eventually) use corresponding Chaos orb over each anomaly; however, this means permanent loss of orb for no gain, so in most cases this should be delayed to the point when player has all orbs and is ready for final levels.

Inserting orbs generate certain effects:

  • Mana — drains all PP and lowers Mana by 2.
  • Earth — some shaking, no real effects
  • Water — humidity, which can affect worn/backpack items; player should have waterproof blanket at that point, though
  • Air — whirlwind, no real effects
  • Fire — does fire damage to all monsters on level, including cats (Ring of the master cat may explode) and pets, which may turn hostile.

Inserting all five orbs transforms staircase from up to downstairs. In 1.1.1 blind characters can not insert orbs into anomalies; this oversight/bug was fixed in 1.2.0


Each elemental anomaly has a guardian on top of it, which has some extra experience levels. Mana is guarded by chaos wizard, while others are below grues of corresponding elemental.


None, but orbs must be inserted to allow passage to last few levels, which must be accessed in order to win the game.