Cute dog
Location Puppy Cave
Monster type Animal
Alignment Neutral
Unique? Yes
Sees invisible? No
Sees in the dark? No
Magic resistance None
Picks up items? No
1.1.1 KPL 5

The cute dog is a unique monster found on the bottom level of the Puppy Cave, which can only be found if the PC has received the Rescue the Cute Dog quest from the tiny girl.

If the PC reaches the bottom level before 4 in-game days have passed, the cute dog will be generated tamed. However, if it takes more then 4 days to reach the bottom of the cave, then the cute dog will be generated dead and its corpse will be placed somewhere on the level. Even if the PC is quick enough for the cute dog to be generated alive, it may still be killed by other monsters on the level before it is actually encountered.

As might be expected the cute dog is not a very good fighter and is quite frail; this, however, will not stop it from attacking hostile monsters to "protect" the PC. Its high DV score will allow it to survive for a number of combat rounds, but without direct intervention from the PC it will quickly end up dead.

It is recommended to avoid luring it into traps if at all possible—a single corruption trap will transform it into a writhing mass of primal chaos, which is not only a terribly tragic thing to happen but also dangerous. Other traps, like an acid trap or spear trap might simply kill it outright.

If the dog is returned to Terinyo alive, the PC will receive an alignment boost and the ability to randomly receive a bit of plain candy by 'c'hatting to the tiny girl. As soon as the PC enters Terinyo with the cute dog, it will stop being a companion and will follow the tiny girl instead.

The cute dog is one of the few unique monsters in ADOM that can be wished for. A wished-for cute dog at any point of the game will satisfy the quest requirement if returned to Terinyo. Bringing multiple cute dogs to Terinyo will not give multiple alignment boosts.

As any other monster in the game, the cute dog can be deliberately killed by the PC. Doing so will provide an option to confess to the tiny girl after informing her of the cute dog's death which prompts her to become hostile and start attacking the PC. Luckily, the whole town of Terinyo will not become hostile even if the PC fights back.

If you happen to turn the cute dog hostile it is possible to tame him again with anywhere between 5 to 15 bones.

Special abilities[]

Ignores water

Common stats[]

Level: 1, DV: 32, PV: 0, Hits: 18, Attacks: 1, Damage: 1-3. Speed: 130.
Level: 51, DV: 65, PV: 10, Hits: 230, Attacks: 6, Damage: 17-19. Speed: 130.

Corpse effects[]

Curses and dooms when eaten.

The cute dog's corpse has a unique property of being immune to decay. It will stay on the ground forever and can be carried in backpack for indefinite number of turns. It is, however, still susceptible to item destruction.

It is possible to 'g'ive the corpse to the tiny girl for a minor lawful boost if the PC is unable to recover the dog alive. 'C'hatting to the tiny girl afterwards will allow the PC to spend some time with her to cheer her up. This will grant an additional minor alignment boost. It should be noted that "some time" can easily translate to more that one in-game day which may disrupt other time-related activities.

Contrary to popular belief, these two lawful boosts from reporting failure and subsequently comforting the girl result in slightly more alignment gained by bringing the dog back alive. There appears to be no significant difference in alignment gained by: returning the puppy alive, returning its corpse, or simply telling the girl that the puppy was killed. There is no additional alignment to be gained by both reporting the death and then handing the corpse over.

Throwing the corpse of the cute dog at the tiny girl is a repeatable minor chaotic act.

Monster memory[]

This small dog has shining white fur, a funny tongue constantly flapping around its nose and a small tail moving with erratic speed. It's simply cute.