Cure Disease
School Clerical
Type Healing
Range N/A
Base cost 8
Equivalent item N/A

Cure Disease is a clerical healing spell in ADOM. It allows the caster to instantaneously remove sickness.

Cure Disease is a somewhat useful spell. It can be a life-saver in the early game, but somewhat loses desirability later in the game, when PC is unlikely to get sick — all monsters with sickness-inducing (possibly with the exception in werewolf kings) are weak for well-equipped characters.

Nevertheless, the spell can be still useful for casual sickness removal, as the other available items that cure the PC include unreliable potions of healing and potions of extra healing/potions of ultra healing which are best used for their primary function. The spell also allows easy sickness training (prior to version 1.2.0) or eating specific (kobold shamans') corpses for attribute increases.


Cure Disease doesn't depend on any attribute due to its fixed effect. Spell proficiency likewise doesn't improve anything except base cost.


At level 6 Paladins receive their first class power that allows them to cure sickness every 1000 turns, provided their piety is high enough.

Healers start to receive spell knowledge in Cure Disease on each level-up once they reach level 25.

Sickness can also be removed using a prayer or simply sacrificing at an altar once very close piety level is reached.