Second month of autumn in Ancardia.


Collected Knowledge, Experience, Camaraderie


Requires 10% less experience points to advance in level, receives one free skill advance every two levels, learns spells more effectively (20% better than others), +2 to initial Learning.

Bonus evaluation[]

Requires 10% less experience points to advance[]

Faster level advancement is a very powerful effect as it provides the PC with multiple benefits — more hit points, more power points, class powers, etc. While 10% bonus is unlikely to prove much for several first levels, it turns quite distinguishable very early on.

Receives one free skill advance every two levels[]

This bonus is relatively good, allowing PCs to increase skills faster. The effect is maximized for race/class combinations that start with low Learning and remains significant in other cases.

Learns spells more effectively[]

While this bonus does not affect the chance to successfully learn a spell, it directly influences spell knowledge gained. The effect is not powerful for characters that are not trained in magic arts (as they normally gain little spell knowledge) but is noticeable for magic-oriented classes, such as Wizards.

+2 to initial Learning[]

Learning is widely acknowledged to be one of the most important attributes. Furthermore, the majority of Learning-dependent effects (such as experience gains and skill advancement) are not retroactively influenced by the attribute. Therefore, +2 boost received as early as the PC creation stage is relatively considerable.


Cup is designed specifically to target PC's Learning and boosts the stat itself and practically all important aspects dependent on it. Typically, that means that characters with high starting Learning will use bonuses with maximum efficiency. However, it is likewise good for characters with low Learning to negate disadvantages.