Crowning is the term given to the event in ADOM by which the PC's deity crowns them as the Champion of their alignment.

Crowning conditions[]

In order for a PC to become crowned their deity's champion, two requirements must be met:

  • The PC must be at an extremely high standing with their deity (which is achieved by making huge amounts of valuable sacrifices at altars of the PC's chosen alignment);
  • PC must be at an extreme alignment — i.e. aspiring Champions of Order must be L+; aspiring Champions of Balance must be N=; aspiring Champions of Chaos must be C-.

If only the first of the two conditions is met, the message "-deity- feels extremely close to you" is generated the next time the PC makes a sacrifice; at this stage, only a precrowning or postcrowning can be gained if the PC fits the level requirement.

Satisfying both conditions will result in the message "-deity- feels absolutely close to you" once the PC makes a sacrifice; praying at this stage will result in crowning.

Note that even if absolutely close, PCs that are cursed (and/or doomed, presumably) may have their request for crowning ignored; in which case, when praying the player gets the message "You feel a stain on your relation with <deity>", and a typical divine favour or "Your prayer remains unheard" occurs instead. Whilst the PC usually loses any cursing they have once they become very close to their deity anyway, the intrinsic may still be present from equipped items such as Executor; the PC should remove such items before praying.

Rewards of crowning[]

Crowning has a number of important benefits for PCs. Besides being permanently Blessed (unless the PC changes alignment; see section 'Fallen champion'), the PC receives the following benefits:

An artifact and an amulet of alignment[]

Once crowned, the PC will receive 2 physical gifts — an amulet of their cause (i.e. Order, Balance or Chaos), and an artifact. The artifact is chosen from a list of artifacts depending mainly on the PC's class; with race also sometimes being a factor (e.g., dwarves can receive Hammerhead instead of the usual artifacts generated for their class, and likewise high and grey elves may receive Sun's Messenger).

Archer Assassin Barbarian
Bard Beastfighter Druid
Elementalist Farmer Fighter
Healer Merchant Mindcrafter
Monk Necromancer Paladin
Priest Ranger Thief
Weaponsmith Wizard
Chaos Knight Duelist

An elemental immunity[]

Crowned PCs will receive one permanent elemental immunity. The message generated after the PC's deity crowns them champion of the Cause determines the immunity they have received:

  • "You no longer fear the heats of all hells combined" : Fire
  • "You feel prepared for the most chilling tasks" : Cold
  • "You feel that neither thunder nor lightning will be able to prevent the success of your mission" : Shock
  • "You look forward to being digested by the Chaos Lords/Lords of Order themselves" : Acid

If the PC already possesses one or more elemental immunities (intrinsically or from items) beforehand, those will not be granted. If they have all four of them somehow (e.g. by wearing the ring of immunity), a random one will be chosen. Therefore, it is oft-recommended to wear the ancient mummy wrapping prior to crowning, lest the PC receive the least-useful cold immunity.

More prayers[]

The cost on the PC's piety for each prayer they make after becoming a Champion is said to be halved.

Less food consumption per artifact equipped[]

For non-crowned PCs, food consumption increases by 0.5 (rounded down) per artifact wielded or worn. For crowned PCs, this cost is reduced to 0.25 (rounded down) per artifact.

Attribute increases[]

Crowning increases the PC's Toughness by 1, Charisma by 2, and Mana by 1.

Possibility of special endings[]

One of the conditions for entering the Chaos Gate is the PC must be a Champion. The PC must specifically be a Champion of Chaos to achieve an ordinary chaos god ending; whereas a Champion of any alignment can go on to achieve an ultra ending. For these endings, however, crowning must be delayed until the PC has finished all prerequisite quests.

Corruption (chaotic champions only)[]

Chaotic deities will also "reward" the PC with two to three corruptions.

Fallen Champions[]

If the PC changes their alignment after becoming a Champion, they will become a 'fallen Champion' and be treated with fury by the deity that crowned them. Punishments for fallen champions include:

  • Removal of permanent blessing, reduced prayer cost and decreased food consumption per equipped artifact (The elemental immunity and items granted by the deity will not be taken away.)
  • Dooming and cursing
  • Being hit by a bolt of black energy, which deals ~80 damage unless the PC has death ray resistance.
  • Summoning of spectres to avenge the deity
  • Losing the possibility of a special ending if the player is not already on the Chaos plane (Fallen champions will not survive passage through the Chaos gate.)

Fallen PCs can get close to their deity again by sacrificing on an aligned altar, but they may not get crowned ever again, not even by a different god.