Material required? None
80/100 giving extra checks? No
Obtainable in game? Yes
Wishable Yes

Affects to-hit modifiers while fighting multiple opponents.

Manual info[]

It is difficult to be a cold-blooded warrior when you are surrounded by dozens of enemies in a horrible fray. Usually, your PC will receive disadvantages in combat when surrounded and attacked by lots of opponents. Once a certain critical number of attackers is surpassed (two for fighters, paladins, rangers, monks, barbarians and beastfighters; one for all others), your combat abilities will deteriorate. Your character receives a -1 to hit per monster above the critical number, the monsters above the critical number receive a +2 to hit per such monster and your chances to hit with missiles are reduced by -4 per monster above the critical number...

...unless you know this skill. It will allow you to remain calm and cold-headed in bloody situations and thus mass attacks by monster hordes might be less effective. It's a skill you need to learn somewhere *in* the game.


It seems missiles actually have the same –2 as melee (on normal tactical setting and no tactics skill). The penalties are actually based on the number of times the PC has been attacked since their last turn, not necessarily the number of monsters. So a single monster that's faster than the PC could inflict penalties on its own. This also means that penalties when fighting multiple monsters can often be avoided simply by moving away after making an attack.

Advanced uses[]

Courage (at least low level) does not give a stable bonus (or reduced penalty). On testing with a skill value 30, penalties were constantly changing from none to max.

At 100 skill, most of the time there is no penalty, but sudden, erratic changes do happen.


Taught by Old barbarian to non chaotics after fulfilling his quest.


Fighting more opponents than PC's class allows (look above at manual info).