Confused is a status condition in ADOM. It is a semi-debilitating condition that prevents or interferes with the usage of several game commands, though it does not render the PC completely helpless (as being paralyzed or asleep would).

Effects on the PC[]

Perhaps the most significant effect of confusion is that the PC becomes disorientated — meaning that if the PC attempts to move, (s)he will end up stumbling in a random direction. The PC will stumble randomly even if (s)he tries to wait on the spot (by using the '.' or '5' command), meaning that it's not possible to just wait for confusion to pass this way. This effect is potentially quite dangerous as it may cause the PC to unwillingly stumble into traps or water (including the piranha-infested kind). Fortunately, would-be attacks on peaceful NPCs still prompt for confirmation.

While confused, there are many things that the PC cannot do at all. These actions include:

  • Eating
  • Reading
  • Shooting ("In your state of confusion you would probably shoot yourself.")
  • Zapping wands
  • Searching
  • Dipping items into potions (gives the message "What wuzzit I wanted to do?")
  • Spitting acid
  • Applying most skills (as of v. 1.2.0)
  • Cleaning ears or face (as of v. 1.2.0)
  • Swapping with/displacing monsters (as of v. 1.2.0)

Attempting to cast spells while confused carries a high failure rate, which appears to be about 60-65%, and may depend on Willpower. There is also a high chance that the PC will be too confused to kick anything (giving the message "With your hand or your feet?"). If the PC does a controlled teleport whilst confused, (s)he will end up landing on a random space somewhere near where they wanted to go due to lack of concentration (giving the message "It's hard to concentrate."); if this would cause the PC to land on a square that they can't occupy then they will teleport to a random square (as usual, but with the message "Strange... this doesn't seem to work." instead of "Impossible.").

Note that in v. 1.1.1, there are ways of passing a turn even whilst confused which don't involve the PC stumbling about. These include applying first aid and attempting to pay (non-existing) shopkeepers. In v. 1.2.0, players can no longer safely wait out the PC's confusion by using certain commands (including applying most skills) as these will no longer use up a turn if they fail[1]. Attempting to cast a spell or eat something will still pass a turn while allowing the PC to not stumble. You can also easily pass a turn without stumbling by taking off and on a piece of worn/wielded equipment.



The only ways of immediately snapping the PC out of confusion are blessed potions of confusion or prayers. Confusion wears off after a certain number of turns, based on the source of the confusion and the PC's resistances to it, anyway (unless induced by an IBM guild manual).

Effects on monsters[]

Confused monsters lose control over their movements and their ability to invoke certain special powers (e.g. summoning) for a few turns, making it an effective means of disabling monsters. Like most status effects, it does not affect undead or constructs. Some bosses also have confusion resistance.

Mindcrafters are the masters of confusion, as their means of confusing monsters are fully rechargeable and can hit several targets at once. Other PCs can confuse monsters by throwing either a potion of confusion or potion of wonder at them. Zapping a staff of the swirling mind will replicate the confusion wave ability of Mindcrafters.