Several incarnations of competitive games involving playing in turns and using save file sharing have happened through the years.

The most popular was TWL run in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2016, which was single player competition involving descending into ID.

Another game for single players and involving Infinite dungeon was Duels to Death (hosted by Daren Grey). rules were similar to The Weakes Link with exceptions of turnsets of 1000 turns, head to head play, any tactics allowed from the start. Often used strategy was for presumed underdog in the pair to leave character in near starvation state, thus forcing more aggressive and luck dependent plays in next sets. The field of 28 players was narrowed to four rather rapidly. Finals were won by Confucio.

Similar competitions were run using ELO like system and free challenging. In 2011 it was called The Ladder of ChAoS (organized by JellySlayer). Out of 19 participants, zsomkovacs finished with the highest rating. In 2012 it was called Duel to Death: Ladder Edition 2012once gain run by JellySlayer. Out of 16 players, Soirana earned highest rating.

All these games were run as ID dives, leading to fall of the interest and participant numbers. Alternatively there was several team based competitive games.

In 2009 it was Mission Impossiblerun by Darren Grey, which featured five teams named after their captains (gut, Silfir, JellySlayer, Grey and Baranor). Each team had four players and was able to set preferences for classes (races were randomized) which were delivered in draft like fashion. Mission structure and no turn limit (there was 6 day (real life, not the in game) limit to play mission and some locations were not allowed during certain missions) somewhat followed natural progress of game. Missions were reach HMV, reach dwarftown, pass dwarven portal, get water orb, get fire orb, close the chaos gate. Players were to play in rotations, but since each death reduced the number of playable characters per team teams with deaths in first missions found themselves at huge disadvantage and had just few playable characters. This lead to early frustration and players going inactive. Final result was not posted, but it looked like team JellySlayer would have won.

Similar proposed game in 2011 failed to attract enough players.

In 2014 Mission ADOMPossiblewas hosted by JellySlayer. 6 teams (Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Mana and Indecisive) of 5 participants each (there were some drop outs and some late replacements). The games used 1.2.0 pre 20 version of the game. Missions were limited to 6000 turns, in case of character death, next mission could be attempted with 3000 turns bonus. Failing mission in order to put character in a better position for the rest of the game was allowed but such turnset did not contribute to team's score. Top team each round got an extra challenge. Misions were obtain artifact, kill steel golem (above DF), give 6 artifacts to demented ratling, get the high king's ring or water orb without guardian being on kill list, kill Old Crone, get fire orb, pious champion (8000 turns), killing ancient karmic wyrm and his archenemy and either closing the chaos gate (if the character survived every mission) or jumping into it. Team Firewere the winners.

Several competitions were held by Adom Discod channel.

In 2016 Ultra-Ultra -- using steam version setting sof few treassures (which severely reduces amount of items dropped by monsters) and tough monsters (extra hp for them?) while striving for the ultimate ending. Additionally where was a requirement to record the whole run and the winner ought to be the first to finish. competition was one by ster (mist elf chaos knight) with runner up being God of ADoM  (gnome necromancer ased archmage). the runs were posted on twitch: and

In 2017 Queenslayer challenge was held - the goal was to kill Ice queen as fast as possible. There were only 3 submissions by three players. Winner was God of ADoM (aka Yolla). Yolla's run used a Wand of Wishing to generate some key things - Greater molochs for experience, some form of invisibility, alchemy, and wands of acid). He then killed the queen with offensive alchemy in 1881 turns. Runner up was Grond (aka Yulgash). Grond's run sacrificed the shopkeeper in Dwarftown after leveling him with Sis for a massive experience boost. After draining a pool in the Shadowy Dungeon to gain a number of necessary intrinsics and finding a RoDS for alchemy, he used offensive alchemy to slay the ice queen in 9438 turns. Third place and its prize remained unclaimed due to low participation. Some players speculated of using wand of far slaying to kill the queen, but never backed up that with uploaded flg.
Notes on the runs - Yolla:

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