The common stats section on this wiki is an area for players to copy in information on how strong a monster is at different levels, as a general guide for other players, to give some idea of the average strength of a monster.

Statistics on pages usually follow the format: "You examine the monster name. Diagnosis: Level: x, DV: 5, PV: 1, Hits: 55, Attacks: 3, Damage: 7-9. Speed: 100." (all numbers change dependant on the monster in question).

Note that specific monsters encountered will commonly have differing stats to those mentioned here, even at the same level. Dice rolls are used when generating monsters, which means certain statistics - particularly the monsters HP and Speed will vary.

Statistics can be generated with a Stethoscope (preferably a blessed one, as this provides much more detailed information). While it is possible to get average statistics from the Monster memory, these are less reliable as they take the average of all monsters seen, of every level. It is much more accurate to provide information on what a monster is like at specific known levels.