This page is a list of all cloaks in ADOM. Cloaks protect the rest of your equipped items from rain.

Common cloaks[]

Name Weight DL Stats Notes
Leather cloak 40s 1 (-1,+0) [+1,+0]
Light cloak 20s 1 [+1,+0]
Hooded cloak 40s 1 [+1,+0]
Cloak of adornment 40s 3 [+0,+0] Adds +4 to Appearance
Cloak of defense 20s 3 [+3,+0]
Cloak of protection 20s 3 [+0,+3]
Cloak of invisibility 30s 5 (-1,+0) [+1,+0] Grants invisibility while worn

Artifact cloaks[]

Name Weight Stats Notes
Brannalbin's Cloak of Defense 30s [+3,+3] Grants fire, cold, acid and shock resistance; grants invisibility
Cloak of Oman 20s (+2,+0) [+4,+4] Adds +8 to Dexterity, grants teleportitis
Tattered cloak of the dark souls 23s [+6, +3] Autocursing, reduces Willpower by 3, grants invisibility, grants sleep resistance
Venom Mantle 40s [+4, +4] Grants resistance to poison and immunity to acid, provides a blinding effect similar to Acid blood