There are 22 different playable classes with a variety of abilities, skills, strengths, and weaknesses. This page lists all of the available classes with a brief description of their features. Some classes are noted as "Newbie Friendly", which indicates that this is a class that tends to be easier for new players to learn the game on. This is with the disclaimer that while some classes may be relatively easy to play in general, some racial combinations may be particularly undesirable.

Class Description Newbie Friendly?
Fighter Sturdy class with good melee and missile capabilities. Generally very average in abilities and skills. Yes
Paladin Melee fighter with strong ability for divine casting. Excellent skillset and decent class powers. Yes
Ranger Specialist in two-weapon combat and wilderness survival. Competent melee fighter and missile user. Fantastic skillset, but dreadful class powers. No
Thief Specialist in thievery, stealth, and traps. Poor combat, missile, and casting prospects. Considered very difficult for most races. No
Assassin Master of poisons and use of critical strikes to defeat opponents. Vulnerable in the early game, but strong melee and missile prospects as the game progresses. Excellent skillset and class powers. No
Wizard Master of arcane magic. Generally incompetent with melee or missile weapons, but extremely powerful once a few spells are learned. Considered to be one of the most powerful classes. Yes
Priest Master of divine magic. Limited ability with melee or missile weapons, but powerful spellcasters. Their ability to automatically identify the B/U/C status of items is very convenient. Yes
Bard Musically inclined class with an otherwise random skillset. Difficulty and playstyle is variable depending on the whims of the RNG. No
Monk Excels at hand-to-hand fighting with strong potential for midgame casting. Difficult to start, but immensely powerful as the game progresses. No
Healer Extremely durable class due to immense health regeneration abilities and high starting toughness. Excellent prospects for melee and casting abilities. Yes
Weaponsmith Specialist in smithing of weapons and armor. Decent melee capabilities in the early game with possible late-game casting available. No
Archer Master of all missile weapons. Limited abilities with melee or magic, but unbelievably powerful with any missile attacks. One of the most powerful classes. Yes
Merchant Receives discounts from shops and can automatically identify one type of item (potions, wands, scrolls or rings). Receives to-hit and damage bonuses for coins as improvised missiles, but otherwise has no combat advantages. Generally considered very difficult. No
Farmer Excels at gardening and herbalism. Requires significant knowledge of how to exploit herbs to be reasonably effective. Decent prospects as a missile user. No
Mindcrafter Uses mental powers to confuse and damage opponents. Difficult to start, but very unique to play compared to other classes. No
Barbarian Tremendously powerful in melee combat, but completely incapable at magic. Yes
Druid Divine caster who specializes in wilderness survival. Generally easy to start, but long-term prospects not as good as priests. Yes
Necromancer Arcane caster with the ability to raise dead humanoids as undead. Difficult to get started, but tremendously powerful as the game progresses. No
Elementalist Arcane caster who primarily learns spells as they level rather than through books. Strong early game due to easy availability of spells, but needs spellbooks, melee or missile support once naturally gained spells run out, and is not as adept at reading books as the Wizard. Yes
Beastfighter Master of unarmed combat and very durable, but inept with melee weapons, shields or magic. Tricky to get started, but power increases dramatically as they level. Yes
Duelist Weapon masters that have the potential to become extremely powerful as the game progresses; as long they aren't burdened by armor or carried weight, and they keep one hand free. Fantastic skill set makes it one the best melee-oriented classes. Yes
Chaos Knight Challenge class that starts with high PV armor, but also with very chaotic alignment and is thus unable to receive many quests without changing alignment. Changing alignment from Chaotic incurs ongoing damage.  Can vary significantly in difficulty from game to game due to starting with 3 random corruptions. No