Class powers are a special ability out of a predefined set (unique for each class in ADOM) which is gained when the PC reaches a corresponding level.


All classes gain 7 class powers when they reach levels 6, 12, 18, 25, 32, 40 and finally 50. The set of powers is fixed for each class and doesn't vary from game to game. The actual gains from some of the class powers can be different in different games, but only for Bards.

The nature of class powers varies from one to another, but they basically provide one of the following benefits:

  • One-time gain of some bonus (attributes increase, spell knowledge, etc.)
  • One-time gain of some bonus which is repeated on all subsequent levels.
  • Permanent passive ability, which cannot be lost (intrinsic, skill bonus, etc.)
  • Knowledge about an activated ability, which can be used any time later (high-energy cost hits, circular kicks etc.)

Using class powers[]

Some class powers (both of passive and activated variety) can only be used if the requirements for them are met. This only applies to certain classes, namely:

  • Duelists' class powers are disabled if they are burdened or worse, equip heavy body armor (over 250 stones), fight with two-handed weapons, dual-wield, or use a shield.
  • Paladins and Priests cannot use some of their powers if they do not have enough piety with their deity.
  • Chaos Knights' class powers are disabled if they are not of chaotic alignment.

Likewise, all class powers that require PP will fail if the PC doesn't have the necessary amount.

In order to use an activated class power, the player should invoke Ctrl-x command (per standard keybindings) and select the necessary power.

Class power list[]

The following table contains short description of all class powers:

Class Level 6 Level 12 Level 18 Level 25 Level 32 Level 40 Level 50
Archer Base 800 EP for missile attacks Double missile attack range Improved Fletchery Base 600 EP for missile attacks Increased chance to dodge missile attacks 20% chance of armor penetration for missile attacks Chance to hit multiple targets for missile attacks
Assassin Create poison from any potion[1] Improved Backstabbing +30% to missile attack range +20% critical hit chance Double DV from Dodge Poison immunity Chance to insta-kill any target
Barbarian Mighty blow ability (2500 EP)[2] Base 750 EP for movement Tremendous blow ability (4000 EP)[3] +1d4 HP on each level-up +3 Toughness and Strength +10 melee damage when true berserking Base 800 EP for melee attacks while true berserking
Bard +1 skill increase on each level-up +1d3 in 6 random weapon skills[4] Spell knowledge in 4 random spells[5] Learn/improve 6 random skills Doubled natural HP regeneration[6] Doubled natural PP regeneration[7] +6 to all attributes
Beastfighter Intrinsic poison resistance Intrinsic stun resistance Base 700 EP for movement Summon 2d2 cave bears for 1 Mana Exchange position (:s) works on hostiles Melee critical hits stun opponents +6 to Strength and Toughness
Chaos Knight Receiving corruption heals +1d(PC level) speed; throw made each turn +1d8 to weapon skill (equipped); throw made each turn +1d(# of corruptions) to Strength, Dexterity and Toughness; throw made each turn 25% less corruption with 5 active; 50% less with 10 active +1d(PC level) melee damage for two-handed weapons; throw made each turn +4d6 PV; throw made each turn
Druid 100% success in evading wilderness encounters Double PP regeneration in the wilderness Immune to weather effects Summon 1d3 animals for 1d3 Mana Double HP regeneration in the wilderness Shock immunity 10% less corruption
Duelist -15*(weapon skill) EP +2*(weapon skill) DV for equipped weapon Glove slap stunning attack[8] +20% chance of armor penetration +12 to Dexterity +6 weapon skill levels to one-handed weapon groups +20 to speed
Elementalist Intrinsic fire resistance[9] Intrinsic shock resistance[9] Immune to weather effects Intrinsic water breathing Elemental storm ability[10] Summon elemental pet for 2 Mana Burrow through stone for 1500 EP and 20 PP
Farmer Double carrying capacity Decreased food consumption[11] Improved Herbalism Ability to transform corpses into iron rations Extra passive attributes training +3 to Toughness and Strength 30% less corruption
Fighter +7% PV from armor (minimum +1)[12] +50% DV from Dodge skill +15% PV from armor (minimum +1)[12], overriding +10% critical hit chance +25% PV from armor (minimum +1)[12], overriding Melee bash attack[13] Melee all-round attack[14]
Healer Doubled natural HP regeneration[6] Tripled natural HP regeneration Healing and First Aid can be used on monsters Gain knowledge in minor healing spells[15] on each level-up +2d3 HP on each level-up Gain knowledge in major healing spells[16] Near immunity to disease, bleeding and poison, +8 to Toughness
Merchant 20% discount in shops Double carrying capacity 40% discount in shops, overriding Immune to weather effects 60% discount in shops, overriding Ability to calm monsters by giving items Triple carrying capacity, spell knowledge in Create Item
Mindcrafter The number of turns required to recover from confusion is reduced. Ability to sense monster on the level +1d6 PP on each level-up +5 to Willpower Reduced corruption from Mindcraft backlash +3d5 PP on each level-up, stacking Reduced damage from Mindcraft undead backlash
Monk Circular kick[17] Base 800 EP for movement Base 600 EP for movement Exchange position (:s) works on hostiles Chance of insta-kill against normal-sized living humanoids Chance of insta-kill against all living humanoids 10% less corruption
Necromancer Resistance to undead special attacks[18] Ability to turn undead Raise humanoid corpses in sight as ghuls Shadow Touch


Raise humanoid corpses in sight as wraiths Halved costs for Necromancy Resurrection[20]
Paladin Cure sickness once in 1000 turns Turn undead for 3000 EP Automatic alignment-detection when using 'l'ook command +1 DV per two experience levels against opposite alignment Healing touch once in 1000 turns for {(PC's level) - 24}d6 Resistance to melee special attacks[21] 30% less corruption
Priest Turn undead -10% base PP cost for all spells -25% base PP cost for all spells, overriding -50% base PP cost for all spells, overriding Reduced prayer costs Destroy minor undead[22] Destroy major undead[23]
Ranger Improved Survival skill, immunity to weather effects Not slowed by terrain (swamp and hill tiles) +4 to missile attack range 100% success in evading wilderness encounters Reduced weight penalties when dual-wielding Base 750 EP cost for movement Reduced weight penalties when dual-wielding, overriding
Thief Automatic search on every turn Improved Backstabbing Ability to steal items from shops Chance to stun on critical melee hits Improved quality of items from pickpocketing +20 to speed Invisibility while adjacent to a wall
Weaponsmith Melt metal items into ingots Quadrupled Smithing speed +4 to Strength Automatic metal type identification Fire immunity +8 to Toughness Automatic weapon damage identification
Wizard -10% base PP cost for all spells -20% base PP cost for all spells, overriding -40% base PP cost for all spells, overriding Gain spell knowledge in random spell on each level-up Ability to recharge wands (once per wand) using PP Ability to uncurse items using 1 Mana Gain spell knowledge in all spells (except Wish)
  1. Except potions of water and carrot juice.
  2. Melee hit for double damage; may miss and bonus damage only for the first weapon (if dual-wielding).
  3. Melee hit for triple damage; may miss and bonus damage only for the first weapon (if dual-wielding).
  4. One skill may be chosen several times.
  5. One spell may be chosen several times; the exact formula is 80 + Le * 10 + Ma * 20).
  6. 6.0 6.1 Each time natural regeneration "kicks in" the PC recovers 2 hit points instead of one.
  7. Each time natural regeneration "kicks in" the PC recovers 2 power points instead of one.
  8. 'g'ive or throw gauntlets at a monster to stun for 2d3+X turns (X seems to be based on the PC's level).
  9. 9.0 9.1 Is not gained in ADOM 1.1.1 due to a bug.
  10. Fire randomly-chosen elemental bolt in each of 8 directions for 120 PP.
  11. Didn't work properly in ADOM 1.1.1 due to a bug.
  12. 12.0 12.1 12.2 Headgear, body armor, shields, gauntlets, cloaks, girdles and boots.
  13. +20% damage, chance to stun, +500 EP to perform.
  14. Hits all opponents in immediate vicinity, costs 3500 EP.
  15. Calm Monster, Cure Light Wounds, Slow Poison, Cure Disease.
  16. Cure Serious Wounds, Neutralize Poison.
  17. Hits all opponents in the immediate vicinity, costs 2500 EP.
  18. Stat drains, paralyzation, sickness, etc. 40% + 1*(PC's level)%
  19. Drain HP (or PP if fully healed) with unarmed fighting (but not kicking); draws alignment towards chaotic
  20. Resurrects the PC with halved maximum HP and Toughness if they died from direct damage and Toughness was more than 10.
  21. Stat drains, sickness and paralyzation.
  22. Skeletons, zombies, ghuls, shadows, ghosts, wights, wraiths, ghost bats, slow shadows, mummies, corpse fiends, shadow centipedes, dwarven ghost warriors.
  23. Liches, master liches, ghost lords, shadow lords, spectres, vampires, revenants, skeletal warriors, shadow trolls, greater mummies, steel zombies, vile spirits, frozen ones, dwarven battle spirits.