This part of the wiki is a place to share your characters as you play them. I shall be setting it up with templates etc to try make it as convenient as possible to use. If you play on a computer with internet access, you could even use this as you play to just record notes and things you're thinking.

Why use this?Edit

  • To create a permenent record of your character.
  • To take notes of how your game is going so you can easily get back into it.
  • To share your success (or lack thereof) with the world.
  • To give me and other adom testers a data pool to work with.

If every active adom forumer were to put just one character a month on here, fairly soon we would have a large dataset to work with - which would be very helpful when trying to calculate, well, anything really. As you can put as much information as you would like onto these log pages, it can only help researchers.

The logs so farEdit

Log number Player name Character Name Character Race Character Class Character Gender Notes
0 Ascyron example Human Fighter Male This is an example template for you to copy (if you choose).
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