The ChAoS plane is the ultimate level in which the ChAoS god Andor Drakon resides. It is accessed by successfully entering the chaos gate on D:50.

Main Features[]

In ASCII mode it is depicted in swirling colors (like the Emperor moloch's lair and SIL). It has a very high background corruption rate independent of its danger level (scrolls of peace will not significantly lower it). It has periodically shifting terrain, including random walls and water, although landscape changes are rarely an issue. If chaotic PCs pray on this level, Andor Drakon (who is a ChAoS god after all) will answer the prayer instead of the PC's deity and produce greater balors.


Andor Drakon, Writhing mass of primal chaos, Chaos wizard, Corruptor, Chaos warlord, Chaos spawn, Chaos brother, Chaos sister, Chaos plague bearer, Chaos lizard, Chaos rat, Chaos warrior, Chaos eye, Balor, possibly greater balors


Killing Andor Drakon is required for ultra endings and an ordinary chaos god ending.