Chaos eye
Location Random
Monster type Unknown
Alignment Chaotic
Unique? No
Sees invisible? No
Sees in the dark? No
Magic resistance Very high
1.1.1 KPL Unknown

Chaos eyes are monsters in ADOM. Like all corrupted monsters, chaos eyes have the ability to corrupt the PC on a damaging hit; however, they lack other powers usually associated with eyes such as paralyzing and stunning.

Special abilities[edit source]

Common stats[edit source]

Level: 1, DV: 12, PV: 3, Hits: 80, Attacks: 1, Damage: 9-15. Speed: 90.

Corpse effects[edit source]

Eyes do not leave corpses.

Monster memory[edit source]

A recent addition to the floating eye family, the chaos eye is suspected to be a corrupted specimen of one of the other eyes, but its origin cannot be traced. Whatever powers they had before, they now serve primarily as agents of corruption and chaos.

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