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Chaos Knight is a class in ADOM that first appeared in v. 1.2.0. Chaos Knights are the sturdiest and perhaps strongest of all classes, and deadly in melee combat from the onset. The problem is, unlike the other adventurers that come to Ancardia to find fame as heroes, Chaos Knights arrive as villains... meaning that they won't be welcomed by many NPCs in the game.

Chaos Knights begin the game very chaotic, regardless of starting race. Most NPCs will refuse to talk to the PC while they are chaotic, meaning that some quests will be unavailable and some obstacles harder to overcome. Chaos Knights can change alignment, though this requires a lot of lawful acts (as the influence of lawful actions on alignment is reduced to 10% of usual effect) and/or small sacrifices. Most NPCs will interact with the PC as normal if (s)he is not chaotic, though Chaos Knights that have deserted their cause will suffer from other penalties. See Class Abilities for more details.

On the positive side, Chaos Knights start out with extremely high PV from their starting equipment, are very strong and tough, and are eligible for some extremely powerful crowning gifts. Other than that, life is far from easy for Chaos Knights.

There is a special ending that is only available to Chaos Knights.

Basic Information[]

Manual description[]

Chaos knights are the dark war leaders of the legions of Chaos. Former members of the common races, they have fallen to the lure of Chaos, having become corrupted and tempted. Now they serve as mighty warriors and brutal fighters on the war-torn battlefields of Ancardia. Clad in mighty armors and wielding brutal weapons they slay their foes left and right and cherish the brutal massacres in which they partake. They are lost to Law and Balance and their only aspiration is to become the mightiest warriors of Chaos, potentially usurping their leaders and toppling their reign to instill an even more brutal regime.

Base/Typical Stats[]

Chaos Knights' starting stats vary considerably, depending on what corruptions they start with.

All Chaos Knights receive huge boosts to Strength — with a guaranteed starting score of about 17+ just to carry their equipment (perhaps lower for mist elves) — and Toughness, as well as extreme penalties to Charisma and Appearance (usually further augmented by corruptions).

Statistically average stats for each race are listed below (modifiers for starting corruption effects removed). Male Chaos Knights can be expected to have an extra point in Strength (unless overridden by equipment weight boost), female Chaos Knights an extra point in Dexterity.

Due to three starting corruptions all Chaos Knights will receive a +1 modifier to Strength, Toughness, Dexterity and Mana and -1 modifier to Willpower (not reflected in the table).

Race St Le Wi Dx To Ch Ap Ma Pe
Human 19 11 13 11 18 4 9 12 10
Troll 29 3 10 9 28 3 8 8 7
High Elf 19 12 11 18 15 4 11 15 15
Gray Elf 18 12 13 15 14 3 15 18 15
Dark Elf 18 8 15 17 17 3 10 19 14
Dwarf 21 9 14 9 22 3 8 11 11
Gnome 18 10 12 13 19 6 8 17 11
Hurthling 18 8 12 17 20 6 9 9 10
Orc 22 5 12 10 22 3 8 8 8
Drakeling 21 8 15 10 22 4 8 12 9
Mist Elf 16 16 12 16 13 4 20 23 17
Ratling 18 7 11 15 23 3 7 12 14

Starting Skills[]

Skill Typical Value Typical Modifier Available Ingame?
Athletics 45 4d5 No
Backstabbing 5 4d5 Yes
Dodge 15 4d4 No
Find weakness 20 4d4 No
Two weapon combat 5 4d5 Yes

Crowning Gifts[]

Chaos Knights can be crowned with four exceptionally powerful gifts to compensate for their harsh ordeals in Ancardia, as well as the very respectable Grod and the perhaps disappointing Death's Blade.

HP, PP, To-hit Growth by Level[]

HP: Very high
PP: Medium
Melee to-hit: Very high
Ranged to-hit: Low

Special Abilities[]

Class Abilities[]

  • While neutral, Chaos Knights that have abandoned their cause will receive the following penalties:
    • 1 fire damage every 5 turns ("You feel fiery pains in your stomach!", or "Aching pains wreck your bowels!" if fire resistant). This damage is negated by fire resistance or immunity, as well as the Immune to Pain talent. Note that this fire damage does not provide a speed boost for drakelings or other cold-blooded characters.
    • Inability to benefit from any class powers ("You have lost all your chaos powers!").
    • -2 to every stat.
  • While lawful, you get further penalties on top of those incurred by neutrals:
    • A further -2 to every stat
    • 1 additional fire damage every 5 turns ("Smouldering flames consume your flesh!", or "You burn with fever!" if fire immune). This damage is negated by fire immunity, or by having both fire resistance and the Immune to Pain talent). Note that this fire damage does not provide a speed boost for drakelings or other cold-blooded characters.
  • Garth and Tywat Pare will never offer training or quests to any chaos knight regardless of alignment; a lawful Chaos Knight who leads Tywat Pare to Lawenilothehl or any bandit/outlaw encounter will still receive the amulet of order as normal, though.
  • Rolf will never offer quests to chaos knights, and turns hostile when chatted to.

Class Powers[]

Note that Chaos Knights' powers only work while they are chaotic.

  • Level 6: Being corrupted regenerates HP; the HP restored appears to be roughly the number of corruption points received divided by 10.
  • Level 12: Speed is increased by + 1d(level), recalculated at each turn
  • Level 18: Gains +1d8 extra skill levels, recalculated at each turn, in all melee weapons.
  • Level 25: Gains +1d(number of corruptions) or +1d2 (whichever is greater), recalculated at each turn, to Strength, Dexterity and Toughness.
  • Level 32: Receives 25% less corruption from corruption effects if in possession of 5 or more corruptions, or 50% less with 10 or more corruptions.
  • Level 40: Gains a +1d(level) damage boost, recalculated at each turn, to damage when wielding a two-handed weapon
  • Level 50: Gains +4d6, recalculated at each turn, to PV.

Starting Gear[]

All Chaos Knights start off with the following set of armor:

Like all other classes except Monks, Chaos Knights also start with some gold.

Race specific gear[]

Human Troll High Elf Grey Elf Dark Elf Dwarf
Gnome Hurthling Orc Drakeling Mist Elf Ratling