Attributes Edit

  • Attribute training uses the base attribute score instead of the modified attribute score [1]
  • Attribute training respects attribute potential [2]
  • Attribute drains at an attribute score of one may reduce attribute potential [3]
  • Perception increases ranged to-hit and damage [4]
  • Appearance slows down the acquisition of corruptions [5]
  • Two-handed weapons gain increased Strength scaling [6]

Classes Edit

Corruption Edit

Dungeon features Edit

Interface improvements Edit

  • Graves and herb bushes can be reexamined by walking in place [24]
  • New commands added: Walk/exploration (w> w< w? - wm w_), repeat last command ('), adjust interface (CTRL+n m), configure noteye (CTRL+m)
  • Item lists can be filtered using ENTER [25]
  • Items can be annotated [26]
  • Many new configuration variables
  • Adom.msg file can be used to customize messages [27]
  • Autosave feature added [28]

Items Edit

Artifacts Edit

Locations Edit

Monsters Edit

Bosses Edit

Quests Edit

Races Edit

Religion Edit

  • Additional piety messages have been added between very close and extremely/absolutely close [76]
  • Piety overflow has been fixed [77]
  • Only a limited number of stomafilia herbs are accepted as sacrifices [78]

Shops Edit

Skills Edit

Special days Edit

  • Start the game with some candy on Oct 31st [88]
  • Start the game with Boon to the Family talent on Aug 22nd [89]
  • Start the game with Lucky and attribute bonuses on Aug 30th [90]
  • Amulet of resurrection can be generated on Aug 30th

Spells Edit

Talents Edit

  • Selecting the skilled talents no longer crashes the game [93]
  • Good learner and great learner talents give less experience [94]
  • Inventory is view-able during talent selection [95]
  • Several heir gifts have been improved [96]

Miscellaneous Edit

  • Wielding two shields gives big penalties to missiles
  • Satiation levels have been adjusted [97]
  • Blessed status gives increased benefits at higher levels [98]
  • Burden statuses don't increase hunger as much [99]
  • Some late-game monsters give less experience [100]
  • Turn-count reducing bug fixed [101]
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