On the wiki, the term base weapon refers to a type of weapon that has at least five variants of different materials, and is referred to by just the item type until it is identified in the game (revealing its material). For example, both a scimitar made of mithril and a scimitar made of eternium appear as just 'scimitar' in their unidentified states.

Each type of base weapons has one 'basic' member whose material is never explicitly stated by the game, but can be deduced by observation. For metal weapons, this is iron, and for staves, this is wood. For example an iron battle axe will always be referred to by the game as 'battle axe', and a wooden quarterstaff will always be referred to as 'quarterstaff'.

Base weapons are also 'generic weapons' and share all the properties of such. They can sometimes be generated with generic prefixes and suffixes (except for large hammers), and like all non-artifact weapons their to-hit and damage ratings can vary slightly from their base values.

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