The Casino is an area found on D:30 or D:31 in the Caverns of Chaos, which is one or two floors below the eternal guardian. It is home to the game's largest shop, as well as slot machines that provide massive amounts of gold at the cost of corruption.

Main Features[]

Symbol Name Notes
@ Shopkeeper Shopkeeper of the great gift shop, with lots of useful items.
$ Slot Machine 24-gold slot machine

Slot machines

The left-hand side of the Casino is dominated by rows of slot machines. Each slot machine will have the PC insert a small amount of cash, and will create a pile of coins at the PC's feet. The odds are rigged in the PC's favor, with the 24 gold machines giving the best gold:time ratio. Playing the slots corrupts the PC. A neutral PC with 10 Appearance will win around a million gold per corruption they gain while gambling. Excessive winning at the slots will result in the PC becoming very stunned as well as hungry. Fortunately, the PC cannot starve to death while playing, although the strength decrease from hunger can crush them.

PCs who gamble without spending money at the Great Gift Shoppe may find their way downstairs blocked by Hugo, the big casino guard. He will move from the stairs if the PC spends most of what they earned at the shop, or if he becomes hostile. Gambling an additional time after making purchases is usually necessary to get Hugo off the stairs. He cannot be teleported, and attempting this causes him to become hostile. Players may use a wand of stunning on Hugo to aggro him without angering the other guards or shopkeeper. When using a wand of stunning the player may then kill Hugo with no repurcussions.


The right hand side of the Casino is the Great Gift Shoppe, which is filled with approximately 470 items (plus available restocks) of appropriate danger level for the area, and a master mimic. This means that usually at least a few of these items are very high quality, and most PCs are likely to find an artifact or two. The prices in the Great Gift Shoppe are outrageous, but given that there is a source of unlimited gold just outside the shop, this is hardly a problem so long as the PC's carrying capacity is high enough to carry all the gold they need to buy their items (a girdle of greed helps).

Teleportation operates in a strange way in the Great Gift Shoppe; upon teleportation, the PC will be immediately teleported next to the Casino shopkeeper. This is annoying for PCs with teleportitis, since it means marching back across the shop each time a random teleport occurs. If the PC angers the shopkeeper, this restriction is removed.