Carrion crawler
Location Random
Monster type Unknown
Alignment Neutral
Unique? No
Sees invisible? No
Sees in the dark? Yes
Magic resistance None
Picks up items? No
1.1.1 KPL 12

Carrion crawlers are monsters in ADOM. They can execute a huge number of attacks per turn, and can paralyze the PC on each damaging hit; however, they are usually more of a nuisance than a threat due to their low attack power and typically low chance of penetrating armor.

Special abilities[]

Common stats[]

Level: 1, DV: 15, PV: 3, Hits: 16, Attacks: 8, Damage: 1-3, Speed: 100.

Corpse effects[]

Carrion crawler corpses provide almost no satiation to any PC, since nobody can really stand the taste of crawler flesh.

Monster memory[]

Disgusting! A giant creature, about ten feet long, with dozens of legs, and an armored hide across the top half of its body, a vaguely slimy trail hinting at the soft under-belly. A mass of seething and writhing tentacles grope blindly forwards from its head, both its sense of sight and touch.