Last month of autumn in Ancardia.


Hope, Life, Serenity, Transition


Heals faster, the gods are more forgiving when asked for favors, one free talent.

Bonus evaluation[]

Heals faster[]

The healing effect of Candle is extremely powerful. Prior to version 1.2.0 it allowed the PC to recover 2 hit points every 12 turns. Healing skill at its maximum level allows the PC to regenerate 1 hit points every 8 turns, which means that the Candle star sign provided one third more healing (or, looking at it the other way, the healing skill at 100 was 75% as effective as the candle star sign).

As of version 1.2.0 2 hit points from Candle are recovered only every 20 turns, making the Candle star sign 80% as effective as the healing skill at maximum (or roughly equivalent to a healing skill of 80); still roughly comparable, but no longer more effective.

Additionally, Candle seems to improve HP gains from natural regeneration and the Healing skill, doubling them whenever these sources are triggered (for testing, see the talk page). So characters with Candle and Healing are expected to gain ~286 HP every 1000 turns, not including natural HP regeneration (doubled by being Candle-born).

The gods are more forgiving when asked for favors[]

This bonus reduces prayer costs. The exact reduction is unknown, but it seems to be relatively low. Unless the player is abusing piety often or is trying to perform several precrowning or post-crownings, (s)he will not detect a significant change. This does usually mean that a character will have access to three starting prayers rather than two, which could potentially save the PC's life.

One free talent[]

Additional talent at character creation can be used to further improve early game survival rate by pursuing PV-related line (Hardy, Tough Skin, ...) or speed-related line (Quick, Very Quick, ...). Much more important, Candle star sign improves the chance to get 3 starting talents (or even makes it practically possible for some race/class combinations, such as Orc Fighter or Troll Bard), necessary to acquire Heir gift.


Candle is considered to be the best star sign by many ADOM players. It isn't specifically designed to improve one aspect of the game, but provides general bonuses which are very powerful on their own. Increased healing can easily replace the Healing skill, allowing picking the Kill Keethrax quest instead of the Save Yrrigs quest. It is also a top choice for Chaos Knights as these characters simply cannot obtain Healing without significant difficulties. As mentioned above, certain race/class combinations require either Falcon or Candle in order to receive the Heir gift.

If choosing not to get Healing as Candle born it is worth to consider that Candle and Healing combines favorably, that is; Candle borns getting twice as much HP from Healing at same value compared to non-Candle borns.