Calm Monster
School Clerical
Type Utility
Range Touch
Base cost 6
Equivalent item N/A

Calm Monster is a clerical utility spell in ADOM. It allows the caster to reduce monster hostility.

After a successful cast on a hostile monster, it becomes neutral for a few turns, but then usually reverts to being hostile. After a successful cast on a neutral monster, it becomes friendly to the PC. Castings on non-immune, non-magic-resistant monsters have around a 30% base chance to fail.


The chance to successfully calm the target seems to increase with spell proficiency. Unlike Scare Monster this spell can be successfully cast on undead, constructs and many other high-level monsters, though they seem to have some kind of resistance.

The following monsters appear to be completely immune to the spell:


Spell messages

  • "-foo- calms down." — successful cast; monster becomes neutral or friendly.
  • " "-foo- seem to be already pretty calm." — monster is already friendly.
  • "-foo- appears to be rather bored" — unsuccessful cast (nevertheless it will increase spell proficiency)
  • "-foo- ignores your spell" — monster is resistant/immune to the spell
  • It is possible to cast Calm Monster on the PC; doing so will generate a "Your heartbeat slows down..." message with no apparent effect.

Advanced uses

The spell is very effective in combination with any healing spell. The trick is to injure a monster, then cast Calm Monster and immediately heal it before it turned hostile. In this case the healed monster may "appear to be friendlier after this treatment" and become permanently peaceful.

Female characters will find this spell especially useful when trying to pass the frog quest


The spell makes earning and keeping the Ring of the master cat significantly easier.