Burning Hands/Baptism of Fire
School Arcane, Clerical
Type Damage
Range Touch
Base cost 8
Equivalent item N/A

Burning Hands is an offensive spell which projects flames into a chosen tile adjacent to the PC.

Provided that the target is not immune to fire damage, Burning Hands is often useful. Although the spell can only damage a single adjacent monster at a time, it is stronger against single opponents than bolt spells - and unlike bolt spells, Burning Hands cannot be shrugged off by monsters. It is also more effective than most ball spells in one-on-one situations until the PC progresses to higher levels.

Burning Hands can target any type of tile, including wall tiles. This can be useful for dealing with monsters such as ghosts which may be within a wall.

As Burning Hands is a fire-based spell, it is particularly effective against cold-based creatures and some undead.


Burning Hands damage is dependent on the PC's level (L) and spell proficiency (P). The exact formula is the following:

min{15, L}d3 + L + P


Burning Hands can burn webs and herb bushes on the target tile, but will not affect items on the floor and ice bridges.

Casting Burning Hands in the Animated Forest is not recommended as it will enrage all animated trees on the level.