In-game description "You have grown a bulging cranium."
Message when acquired "Your cranium suddenly grows to enourmous proportions!"
Message when removed "Your cranium shrinks back to normal size."
Attribute changes -3 Toughness, -4 PV, -6 Appearance, +6 Learning, +4 Willpower
Other effects None.

Bulging cranium is one of the 35 possible corruptions that can be inflicted on the PC. All of its effects are attribute changes, which are a rather fair trade.


The effects of this corruption are benign overall. The decreases make any PC more vulnerable to damage and corruption, while the increases are mostly beneficial for magic-oriented classes. It is possible to use the Learning boost before removing it. If it happens during the Toughness raising period, it can be kept forever or removed later for three extra points of Toughness.

Chaos Knights who begin with a bulging cranium will find little benefit from the Learning and Willpower as a melee class. However, the negative effects are not the worst either.

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