Broken is a possible state for weapons, missiles, wands, and keys in ADOM, which typically disallows the use of the items. Prior to version p11, all types of items could be broken by cursed scrolls of repair.

Items may be broken in several ways. Keys sometimes break when unlocking doors, rusty weapons may break if the PC attacks in melee with them, and pick axes are prone to breaking when mining. Certain traps (ceiling in particular) or falling in the Rift might break some equipped or carried items too. Items may also be created broken. Players can intentionally (or accidentally) break items by reading a cursed scroll of repair.

Broken weapons quickly become useless; they will only deal half damage (or 1/4 damage if also rusty). If the weapon in question happens to be cursed and cannot be removed, the player may be in serious trouble, depending on their ability to use ranged weapons or spells and how quickly they can get rid of the liability. One solution to this problem can be to provoke a rust monster, which can destroy the weapon. Creatures that disarm, like ratling fencers, will also prove helpful.

Broken wands or tools are not usable until they are fixed. Most items can be fixed by a scroll of repair (with uncursed or blessed status) or by talking with (and paying) Glod. Glod's prices depend on the item's value, so it might be beneficial to corrode a pick axe by attacking jellies, in order to save money (fixing a well-corroded pickaxe can be 1/3 as expensive as fixing a pristine one). Items made from metal can be fixed by using the Smithing skill. Pick axes are considered to be made from wood and cannot be fixed this way.