Material required? Log
80/100 giving extra checks? Yes
Obtainable in game? Yes
Wishable Yes

Allows the PC to create wooden bridges over water tiles.

Manual info[]

This skill allows you to build bridges.


The skill allows the PC to chop logs using a hatchet in order to build a section of wooden bridge on a water tile. The PC can obviously build a bridge only in his/her immediate vicinity. All water tiles are acceptable except those in the Water Dragon Cave. The most notable target for bridge building is the red lake on the last level of the Tomb of the High Kings filled with chaos piranhas.

The skill is not reliable as it is possible to fail in building a bridge section. Increasing the skill level will reduce the chance of this happening. Any swamp location in the wilderness is a great place to train the skill, especially if it's near a forest location from which logs can be easily obtaining by cutting down trees.

Advanced uses[]

Overall, the skill is considered almost worthless, as it requires a lot of materials which are heavy and thus cannot be carried in large numbers, and needs to be increased on level-ups to be efficient. Note that increasing Bridge Building on a level-up is only possible if the PC has the manual of bridge building in his/her inventory, which is susceptible to item destruction and cannot be obtained again without a wish. Finally, bridge building can be reproduced using cold-based spells and wands which freeze water. This approach is significantly easier in almost every scenario.

Farmers, Merchants, and other PCs with high carrying capacity will have an easier time making use of bridge building. Normal bridges have some advantages over ice bridges, as they are unaffected by fire magic, and can bear an unlimited amount of weight.


The following Races start with Bridge Building: Troll.
The following Classes start with Bridge Building: Farmer.

The skill is available in-game from Yrrigs if the PC chooses to save him. The PC can simply 'c'hat with him to learn Bridge Building, or read the manual of bridge building which the carpenter drops once he is healed. Alternatively, the PC may simply kill Yrrigs to acquire the manual.

If the player decides to wish for the skill, it is recommended to ask for manuals of bridge building instead to allow increases on level-ups.


Successfully building bridge sections trains the skill.

Giving hatchets to Yrrigs will directly increase the skill by a number dependent on the PC's Learning. Characters with an above-average Learning score (15-20) can expect an increase of about 10 points per hatchet.