Boss monster is a special feature added as of version 1.2 prerelease 9. Practically, a special monster (from a fixed list) has a chance of being generated on any level with corresponding DL. The list includes 147 creatures submitted by ADOM Resurrection campaign participants. Each participant of Hero or higher pledge levels was allowed to choose an existing monster type, gender, name, special description and a set of 1, 2 or 3 (based on pledge level) extra abilities.

Boss monster mechanics[]

Special messages and appearance[]

As soon as a boss monster is generated on the level with the PC the following message is displayed:

You sense an imminent and blood-chilling threat...

A wand of monster detection/scroll of monster detection may be used to check the location of the monster. Boss monsters are displayed with the symbol of their corresponding monster type, but all share purple color. As soon as the monster takes a turn within the PC's visible range, another message with a (more) prompt is generated:

You meet <monster name>, <monster type>

It is then followed by a special description.

Level scaling[]

Boss monsters are generated with additional levels depending on to PC's experience level. A level 1 PC might encounter bosses with around 10 levels, while a level 50 PC might encounter bosses with around 90 levels.


Any boss monsters that the PC kills are noted in the list of killed monsters in the .flg (also accessible via the :k command): for each boss killed, the line 'Dispatched the legendary <monster type> <name>.' appears. This includes Cats. At least some wild animal (cat) boss monsters can be tamed, see below.

If a boss monster leaves a corpse, it will be a standard corpse for that monster type (e.g. Huckree will drop a normal blue goblin corpse).


If a boss monster is corrupted and transformed, it will retain its extra abilities, but not those of the base monster. Killing a corrupted boss will still give the normal special line in the kill list. If a boss monster is affected by a potion of exchange, the new monster will not have any extra abilities, and will not count as a boss monster kill.


Unless otherwise noted, boss monsters do not produce more loot than any other monster. The reward for slaying them is the thrill of the adventure.

List of known boss monsters[]

Name Type Description Special abilities Notes
Abaddon Emberwing Griffon A brilliant red, orange and yellow plumage covers this magnificent creature. Aside from the sheer size of him, causing him to tower over his brethren, a thick smoke pours from Abaddon's beak and his eyes burn a dark, sinister red. This is what happens when griffins meddle in the affairs of fire demons, it seems. Fire breath attack (possibly also reduced movement energy cost, similar to cat lord)
Aenea, the Guardian Cave tiger (female) Shiny fur, majestic movements and impressive fangs -- a cave tiger on the prowl is an awe-inspiring sight. Unfortunately, the prey it is after could be *you*. If your speed and dexterity aren't up to the marks, you'll probably feel sharp tiger claws ripping your armor to pieces. You can try to gain time by feeding a hungry cave tiger. (Do cats eat bats? Now's the time to find out!) However, before you draw your sword of sharpness, please consider that cave tigers belong to a very rare species. Do you really want to be responsible for their extinction? Once the guardian of a great, now-lost trove of treasure, Aenea long ago left it behind to explore the reaches and wilds of Ancardia. While she enjoys her freedom and the happiness it has brought her, she still occasionally dreams of her days past and the relics she once protected. Casts invisibility, drops treasure, summons random monsters Can be tamed with music.
Ahiru Togtin Cave lion A faint light shines through him, as of stars on a moonless night. His mane glistens vaguely in all colors of the rainbow. This spectral guardian of cats is sent to observe for his master, the Cat Lord. Passes through walls
Aksarnerk Will o'wisp 'In snowy northern lands of night,

Lives Aksarnerk the radiant sprite. Twinkling like a terrible star, To it come monsters from near and far.

Gorgons, ogres, living wall, All answer to its siren's call. They search the night for souls of man, Flee them quickly while you can!

Or monsters frenzied and berserk, Will feed your heart to Aksarnerk.' -Ancardian hymn.

Summons, karmic
Alessa Bandit (female) A fearless woman with long dark hair and a look of cold determination, wearing a cloak bearing letters "JZB." By the way she handles her dual blades, it's obvious she's an expert in swordplay. It's unclear why such a noble-looking woman turned to a life of crime, but her targets rarely get the chance to consider the matter. Drops treasure (a light cloak and two long swords)
Althenia Dark elven priestess She is slender and is wearing a flowing hooded black robe that conceals hidden horrors. There is a purple glow emanating from beneath the hood that illuminates her face. Her pale eyes and silver hair reflect the glow, and the strange runes painted on her face radiate their own crimson light. As she approaches, gliding smoothly across the floor, the air becomes cold and you feel the urge to flee but you are frozen in fear. Althenia screams an ear-splitting magical incantation in a harsh language, and as the echoes die you see an evil smile form on her face. Her robes begin to billow and from them a swarm of giant spiders emerger. You wonder why you ever chose to enter this place.. Casts cone of cold
Andra Barbarian (female) This beautiful barbarian has green eyes, red hair, alabaster skin, old and dusty light blue clothing and wields a knife with beautiful dragon-like handle. Drops treasure (possibly)
Giving her a scroll of amnesia will produce a special message and a knife of might
Antharaxa Tarantula (female) This spider has eight legs and many eyes but the similarities with its lesser cousins end here. For one thing it is larger than an ox. Its many eyes shine with an unusual intelligence and its fangs drip a vicious venom. Oh, and it rushes towards you with unnatural speed right now... Regenerates
Anu the Death Dog Jackal The avatar and guardian of a long-forgotten death deity, Anu is a jackal of immense proportions. Once the guardian of the tombs of pharaohs and the veil, through the corruption of chaos he has become instead a bringer of death. Coarse fur, black as night, covers rippling muscles that quiver with the need to kill while glowing red, insane eyes glare out in a never ending search for living flesh to rend. Bypasses PV, regenerates
Argyle Clark Master swordsman This man walks with a sense of purpose and an air of grace. The sword at his hip swishes in time with his legs as if just another part of his body. His eyes seem to draw in his surroundings, leaving no nook or cranny to the shadows. Though his gait and mien demonstrate great experience, not a scar or scratch mar a single inch of his skin. His face is as clear as the young man he was years ago. As he nears, he emits a faint glow just visible from the corner of one's eye. Regenerates, casts healing spell
Arik Orc scorcher You see a grizzled and wiry orc scorcher, veteran of many skirmishes and you know he has already spotted you. Instead of the traditional scorcher warpaint, he appears to have daubed a foul, poisonous liquid over his face, body and armour. His eyes gleam with manic rage as he attacks! Poisons
Arngrim Berserker lord Coming from the grim Northlands of Ancardia, Arngrim, the berserker lord, is the only one left of his village of Waahl. The rest were brutally slain by Arngrim's bare hands. Nor have the others he has encountered managed to survive, despite overwhelming odds. And now his insane look is focused on a new target, and that target is you... Paralyzing touch Very likely a reference to the berserker of the same name in Norse mythology.
Ar'Xanth Wraith The air around the wraith is filled with stench of decay. Patches of black mold start to grow on everything in the vicinity of this creature. Sickness-inducing attack
Aurum Cave tiger Though all tigers could be said to have a golden hue, never is this description so literal as with the brilliantly colored coat of Aurum, the legendary Golden Tiger. Possessed of an incredible speed, an uncanny ability to heal from any wound, and a great love of raw bloodied meat, legend holds that Aurum's giant gullet hides a vast hoard of treasure. Be wary, however, it's been suggested that this fabled prize is itself a fiendishly crafted distraction from an even greater reward... Drops treasure, regenerates
Avril Cerby Ultimate doppelganger (female) You shudder under the gaze of this creature, it looks like it can read your thoughts or dismember you just by looking. It mockingly adopts your posture, walk, face... Suddenly you realize you can neither hide from it nor surprise it in combat. And THAT it already knows. Unknown
Broja Dark elven wizard (female) Those among the dark elven race who do not have physical strength must either display talents in magic or die young. In the harsh competition of the underground realms, only those elves with great powers survive to become wizards. The black eyes seem to glow with dark power, obscuring elvish features behind a dark haze. She seems pretty powerful but somewhat careless and absent-minded. Teleports
Blier-Kreg Eldunkun Hobgoblin leader This hobgoblin shows more intellect and cunning than others of his kind. His mismatched armor is possibly as good as your own and his eyes gaze past his bulbous blue nose appraisingly. He carries a pole to which swords have been crudely attached to make a double bladed spear. As you eye the clumsy looking weapon, he effortlessly and skillfully puts it into a deadly

spin. This will be a fight for your life!

Drops treasure (a quarterstaff and two short swords), Extra attack
Chillbreath Frost giant berserker A chill runs down your spine, and even worse, over your entire body. Even from a distance, the mere presence of this massive being strikes fear into your heart. You have only heard rumor of the powers this giant wields but they are enough to make you think twice about approaching. His eyes dart rapidly over you. A grin crosses his face as he has clearly decided you pose no real threat. Unknown
"Dally" Daylin Sequin Master swordsman (female) Although clearly fit and agile, this youthful female swordsman is relatively plain looking - even for a human. Despite this, she wears finely crafted armour made out of cured displacer beast hide, and is carrying a keen and clearly master-worked blade in each hand. Then, with a smile, she is suddenly standing right in front of you - with tiny motes of gold floating around her like snow as she appears! Drops treasure (two iron short swords), teleports
Dara Chaos warlord (female) A tall, slender girl with close-cropped brown hair. She wears a checkered black and white fencing jacket and wields a rapier in her right hand. Deep within, her dark eyes are burning with an eerie green fire. Likely a reference to a character of the same name in Roger Zelazny's fantasy series The Chronicles of Amber
Devilxer Dark sage A strong, green eyed scholar in long white robes strides toward you. He possesses knowledge of things beyond the comprehension of any normal man, and his mind has obviously been corrupted by this very knowledge. This contact with chaotic forces has also given the sage dark magical powers, and a strong lust for power. And colour-blindness. Fire breath attack, summons, drops treasure
Doom Jewel Diamond golem This experiment by the black wizard Kazriel has far more power than it was supposed to. The creature's first act was to kill its creator and now it mindlessly wanders the dungeons destroying anything it senses. Teleports, energy blasts,

karmic defense

Ed the Undying Mummy A tall mummy, wrapped in bandages of ancient silk and wearing a gold-filigreed crown. Regenerates Likely a reference to the boss monster from Kingdom of Loathing.
Eibhlhin Displacer beast (female) Her fur is milk white and tentacles are shimmering with dim warm light. This is an odd light - it does not make things more visible, but rather more transparent. Eibhlhin looks into your eyes. Suddenly you feel as if you are standing naked in front of her, without any armor or protection. Bypasses PV
Ekke Ptangya Ankheg (female) Acid oozes out of every pore from its emerald green carapace, and the very dungeon floor seems to cringe away where it crawls. Its ominous chittering gives you the shivers; it is said those who hear it seldom live to tell the tale, and seeing the size of its mandibles, it is not hard to believe. Passes through walls
Emperor Spytle Goblin chieftain From lineage truly ancient

And deep into the Nytrealms sent
To overthrow a beastly foe
Was Spytle
and he gladly went
"King is a girl's name."

Corrupting attack
Enryb-Eel Dark orc Once an unusually honourable orcish archer, legends proclaim that he took down even the most powerful minion of chaos with his deadly quarrels to save his kin. Now after spending too long in the depths of the corrupting caves, he has tragically succumbed to horrifying madness. Don't turn your back on him. Regenerates, teleports
Eys Frost giant (female) Eys the world-ender glares at you angrily. She radiates a searing, burning cold that you can feel even at this distance. Some say the world will end in Fiyr, some say it ends in Eys. From what I've tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor Fiyr. But if it had to perish twice, Then Eys, is also nice, and would suffice. Unknown
Fazzlye Wild cat You see a huge black cat riding a rainbow unicorn! Dungeon walls open for a second as the unicorn's ivory horn points in their direction. The rider's eyes are filled with happiness, but there is more of a madman in his gaze. He screams "nyaaaaaah" as he charges towards you. Summons random monsters, ignores traps (levitates?)
Feefers Rabid dog (female) A large vicious dog of the Vizsla breed, a dirty collar indicates it was once owned and trained as an attack hound, it has however turned feral. Unknown
Felix Eskubar, the bard of Araqypa Cutpurse The pungent smell of cheap mead and sweat greets you before you even lay eyes on this louse. But something seems familiar about this wino. Oh gods, this cannot be! Is this Felix Eskubar, the great bard, who once serenaded the fair maidens of Borumia tower? This washed up drunk is a poor imitation of his former self. The tattered clothing and shambling gait might inspire pity were it not for the vicious gleam in his eyes. Whoever this man used to be is unimportant. Today he wants your money. Unknown
Fiyr Frost giant Fiyr the world-ender stands tall before you. Intense desire burns in his eyes as he stares in your direction.

Some say the world will end in Fiyr,
some say it ends in Eys.
From what I've tasted of desire,
I hold with those who favor Fiyr.
if it had to perish twice,
Then Eys, is also nice,
and would suffice.

fLuFfY Wild cat Before you sleeps an adorable little kitten... or so you thought, at first. Then one horrible eye opens and meets yours with a purple gleam, a mouth full of black, razor sharp teeth yawns, and the ground rumbles with a deep, fell growl... Corrupting touch, teleports
F'rank Flesh golem This flesh golem seems almost sentient, and you are sure you can detect words in its groans. It is huge and slow, but incredibly hardy. Electrical sparks jump between metal bolts on its neck. Regenerates Appears to be a reference to Frankenstein's Monster
Frog Prince Giant frog What an ugly water-splasher. Its face looks flattened. It's as if the frog had been thrown a little too hard against a wall. Although with a frog that massive, it's hard to imagine anything other than a titan or moloch doing the throwing Summons, karmic being, drops treasure
Fulgur the Corrupted Dark sage You face a small man with big eyes, in which insanity flickers. You've heard of him -- his stories are passed down in Drakalor Chain. Unfortunately, the forces of Chaos caused him to lose a grip on his own mind and he can no longer distinguish between his imagination and the reality. You remember all those monsters that appeared in his stories, and you think you can see their shadows in his deep blue eyes... Casts shock bolt, summons monsters, drops treasure(?)
Gaelwynn the Unlucky Swordsman This human seems to have seen better days - his armor is battered, his sword notched, and his eyes hold the bitter look of someone always one step behind. Life has thrown a lot at him... Watching you tiredly, he readies his weapon and prepares to overcome yet another challenge. Drops treasure, reduced movement energy cost (possibly), possibly bleeding wounds
Galeon Sysi Master swordsman Middle aged, quite slender human with dark long hair. He is dressed on plain clothes and sturdy boots. Even on hottest of summer days, he's tightly wrapped into a ragged, but quite warm looking cloak. He's carrying a worn sword with a confidence stemming from years of training. On his face, there's a somewhat haunted look of someone fleeing unavoidable fate. From his weary look and various pieces of equipment hanging from his large backpack it seems clear he's been on the road for quite a long time. Regenerates, bypasses PV, drops treasure
Ghost-of-a-Tiger Cave tiger Having already died once, this tiger now lacks a physical body. Driven on by his eternal devotion to the Cat Lord, his wispy form stalks you with an eerie grace unmatched by the living. As it runs straight out of a wall, its eyes meet yours and you shudder. Passes through walls
gOdSgRaVe the Immortal Chaos warrior Quite possibly the largest warrior you have ever seen, legends tell of him shrugging off wounds that would outright slay lesser men. Unknown L 92 DV 90 PV 53 1594HP 10 attacks 38-74dmg 98spd (as scaled to PC level 50)
Gorvin necromancer Necromancers are scary in and of themselves, but it makes you wonder what made a hurthling twisted enough to become an evil summoner of the dead. Unknown
Grakkus Lizard man A rare desert lizardman. He appears to throw spears using his tail like a third arm. Throws spears Four attacks per turn, drops treasure (an unidentified dagger)
Gregor the Mighty Goblin berserker The goblin berserker's body glows in a brilliant blue hue from head to toe. Casts cone of cold
Grilka Troll (female) Clad in black leather, this troll has the appearance of an assassin, wielding two daggers that glisten with a strange liquid. Poisons, regenerates
Groc Fire giant Groc was once a chieftain of a small clan until adventurers forced him to leave the Tower of Eternal Flames after destroying his clan in their reckless attempts to brave its fiery depths. Now Groc wanders searching for fool-hardy adventurers in the hope to slay all who hurt innocent giants. Regenerates, bypasses PV, breathes fire
Groof Goblin A small filthy creature. Poisons, slows
Gworth Wolf This canine is larger than most dogs, with wild matted hair and long, sharp teeth. It looks lean and fast, a bundle of hungry ferocity ready to run down its prey. This creature of darkness almost looks as if shadows themselves lurk within it! Casts darkness
Harker Outlaw A tall fellow dressed completely in black, with a well crafted lute in his hands. The soft tones of his song sound strangely intriguing and you find that you listen more and more closely... Confusion spell, drops treasure (a lute)
Hodge Green hag Hodge is a decrepit old hag, dressed in tattered rags. Stringy unwashed hair dangles in clumps around her skull, with severely sunken eyes glaring at you from beneath layers of grime and dirt. She smells like a bath was taken some time in the last century, the aroma alone causing your eyes to water. Unknown
Hobbynobs Hobgoblin The ugly hobgoblin looks crafty and sly. He seems to be the kind of hobgoblin who delights in stealing important artifacts and killing innocent puppies. Casts invisibility, poisons Likely a reference to the character Nobby Nobbs from the Discworld series of novels.
Huckree Goblin You see a rather excited goblin hauling a giant backpack stuffed to the brim with gold and treasure. The goblin is cackling wildly while looking at his loot. What vile deeds did he have to commit to acquire this hoard. Drops treasure
Hydroxy Gremlin All gremlins are born of water, but this particular one is born of a strange corrosive liquid. It smells like a terrible housecleaning reagent. Its eyes burn red and frothy foam spits hateful bubble from its pockets. Can corrode weapons when attacked in melee
Ibertyl Stone golem (female) Once just a piece of stone turned into a beautiful statue by a skilled sculptor, the forces of Chaos brought her to life... if, what she turned into, can be called life. Even in this new form, she retained her charming looks and the more you look into her eyes, the weaker your legs feel and the more difficult you find it to bring yourself to do her any harm. Unknown Likely a reference to the statue of liberty.
Idle Soul Shadow Living is troublesome. Dying is troublesome too. Of course going to heaven is also troublesome. Do you have to rush off? It's time for rest, till your soul is corrupted! Corrupting attack, confusion spell
Ipse Greater doppelganger You gaze in confusion at your perfect reflection. How could you ever hope to achieve such purity, such grace? And how could you even consider destroying something so beautiful? How could you live with yourself after that? And yet they say that besting yourself has its own rewards... Karmic, leaves treasure A reference to Latin, in which the word 'Ipse' means 'Itself".
Izindi Fairy dragon (female) A merry laugh, and a tiny creature of good humor flickers in and out of view. Who can tell, if it has been a century or longer since this little cute dragon girl has been coming of age. Playful magic emanates from her eyes, touching the fabric of the universe here and there, maybe a little bit too careless for your taste. Now she looks at you with interest... Casts invisibility, teleports, summons
Jo'ohr Kobold shaman (female) Among the kobolds, few are called to shamanic arts. Of those shamans, fewer can master anything but the simplest of magics. The being that stands before you carries itself with more poise than any other kobold that you have seen and is bedecked with trinkets, totems and sigils. You wonder, maybe this could be one such shaman? Confusion spell
Jolu'ss Gorgon A huge and unbelievably ugly beast with horns like a bull and skin covered with iron scales. It makes a strange noise, like a cross between a moo and a screech, and a cloud of black, reeking gas belches forth. A tiny spider on the floor crumples into... a pebble? You can run, but you can not hide. And when you run, don't turn back to see how far behind it is. Unknown
Kedz Claw bug (female) No description Disarms
Kevin Gillese Hill giant This lumbering beast grips his stomach as he stumbles forward. You can hear him mumble "shouldn't have had the curry". Fire breath attack
Khazgar the Belligerent Orc scorcher A huge orc, flushed red and stinking of rotgut. He carries a burning mace in one hand and a jug of orcish liquor in the other. Fire breath attack
Kolvinfirmesestron Least daemon (female) Verily an unearthly sight, this faceless monster hails from the outskirts of known civilization. It's hard to tell what's more unsettling, the foul smell of salty swamps permeating the air in its vicinity, or the resonant, eerie hum the creature unceasingly utters. Even nastier, though, is the deadly breath, a burning spray which melts with ease the flesh of the foolish who step in its way. Acid breath attack
Kor Pubis Fire giant This fire giant seems to be shunned by its own kin. Having lost her only friend, her mind is dazed with blacksmithing obsession. Now that you've intruded in her domain, she comes forward, swinging her trusty hammer and anvil. Drops treasure (huge iron hammer and anvil) See fortune cookie message list for reference to her friend (Stoma Pubis)
Krahbs Dark sage This sage's research into extraplanar abominations have warped his brain beyond salvation. His face is a matted tangle of hair and beard, but his eyes shine through — red-rimmed and piercing, they belie utter madness. Confusion spell
Kraig Chilsom Werewolf lord This half-man, half-wolf stands about 6 feet tall and is covered, unlike his brethren, with a yellowish fur. He wields a long sword in his hand... or is it his paw? You can feel there is something strangely uncommon about this beast. The way he moves with his weapon makes you feel slightly uncertain. He smirks seeing you and his green eyes flash as he jumps in your direction! Summons
Leibowitz Orc scorcher This orc is very small and weak compared to its brethren. It also looks pretty confused. Confusion spell
Le-yala-a Chaos sister No description Strength draining touch
Linupotha Assassin Advancing stealthily toward you, she is the epitome of grace. Linupotha was expelled from her guild during the most recent purge, when she was considered to be getting too powerful. As is to be expected from somebody in her trade, she moves swiftly and with certainty... wait, where did she go? Casts invisibility, Poisons, Ignores PV (penetrating)
Lisk Hydra A solitary creature, though the idea of being alone when you have more serpentine heads than a snake pit seems hard to grasp. The creature turns its many sets of eyes in your direction. With a glint in those small pools of amber, you know that this monstrosity acts purely on instinct. And its instincts tell it, it's hungry. You ready yourself for the attack, which if even from one opponent, can come from all sides at once. Slow when off creep. Likely a reference to Hydralisks from the StarCraft universe.
Loli Fairy dragon (female) This bright pink dragon with tiny azure wings looks beguilingly cute.

"HaveyouseenmymasterTarindil?" she squeaks at you.
"Hesreallyverynicebut dontmakehimangryplease!"
She smiles at your confusion, revealing small but very sharp fangs.

Casts invisibility
Lonsdaleite Diamond golem Rainbows of light cascade from this crystalline behemoth. The beast's eyes radiate a cold malevolence. As you gaze upon the iridescent scales that bristle along this massive creature you see that they are most certainly razor sharp. Unknown
Mahdonud Ancient red dragon (female) The oldest and largest of the legged red dragons, frequently with orange tinted spots amongst the dark red scales. Age has not dulled the claws and fangs, nor cooled the fiery breath, rather, it has sharpened and intensified them. The air around this dragon is far too hot to be normal. Resists frost, regenerates
Maija Wild cat (female) This blue-eyed white cat seems to be able to push its way through even the smallest cracks in the walls with ease. Her intense gaze seems to tell you it would be dangerous to try to harm her... Passes through walls
Mar "The Fiery Kraken" Fire vortex Before you stands a humanoid manifestation of elemental energy, it is unmistakably Mar, "The Fiery Kraken". Mar is an inferno of hate, burning fiercely in a multitude of erratic colour. Gangly limbs extend as if pulled from their sockets and trash at you with ill-meditated direction. An unrelenting screech shokes the air, and Mar approaches... Bypasses PV
Maze Master Ratling warrior This misshapen master of the ratling warrens beckons you to join his convoluted pursuit of the TwIsTeD ArTs. Gaze not too deeply into his twisted eyes unless you intend to follow him to the Gates themselves. What pacts he has made, surely he will use the gifts to thwart you, whether you be a rival or opponent. Corrupting attack, confusing touch
Meat-Bix Hill giant A magnificent specimen of a hill giant. He is best described as a wall of hairy muscle, however, this wall can cross the room in one step and lazily backhand you through two closed doors. Somewhere within this meaty edifice is also a hill giant of considerable intellect trying to get out. Meat-Bix can count to ten in a staggering forty seconds. Unfortunately, this additional processing power comes to little use when most obstacles faced can still be solved by destroying, dismembering or digesting the problem at hand. Unknown
Meliwz the Holy One Ki-rin The Holy One, Meliwz, is a figure of legend amongst his own people, known for his devotion to the forces of good. Casts spells (healing)
Mieaevar Balor Before you stands a figure cloaked in a swirling mist of fire, shadow and smoke. Through the blinding haze, a pair of yellow eyes gaze at you, emanating waves of sorrow and despair. He grips a giant, fiery broadsword in one hand, and a scourge that seems to be made of pure shadow in the other. Luminescent skeletal wings sprout from this demon's shoulders, shimmering in and out of reality. Bound to his torso, you see a tarnished silvery breastplate. Hammered into the ruined armor, you can still barely discern the symbols of Corellius, though they somehow appear blurry and twisted. Casts death ray, paralyzes
Mimelia Chaos warlord (female) You see an ominous warrior lady in black armor and wielding a gleaming scythe. As you see her command the forces of corruption around her, you realize she is born of chaos. When she turns to look at you you see a glimpse of purple hair fluttering in the wind. For a moment you are fascinated by her appearance. In the next moment you are pulled to reality by tingling magic coursing through your spine. Casts death ray
Missan Wild cat A fairly large gray cat with black markings. It looks so furry and cute you just wanna pet it; too bad it's got claws like fishhooks and is spitting in fury. It comes knee high to you, with a very furry face and no tail, much like the common lynx. It shouldn't be that much of a problem unless your back is turned... Unknown
Nagrat Ogre The beast before you is a solid wall of thick muscles from head to toe. His skin is drawn tight across his body exposing the muscles and thick rope like veins. Many scars are visible along the arms of this ogre which, combined with the blood and the aroma of rotting flesh leave you with the impression he will not be easily overcome. Has 2 attacks
Nanji Troll Just as large as an ordinary troll, but somehow not as ugly. You see him eyeing your equipment with a look of disgust in his eye. He raises his hand, drops some kind of powder and suddenly is shrouded in darkness. He silently slips into the shadows - waiting. Casts Darkness
Narflung Frost giant jarl Alone of the giant races, those of the cold are not beholden to kings, but to the ruling jarl, formerly those in power immediately below the king. The last of the kings was defeated by a stripling with little strength and so the position of king lost its honor. The dominant jarls decided to divide the power amongst themselves until one truly worthy of the title could claim it by defeating all the jarls in succession. Since the jarls come into power only through defeating the great, this task has proven too difficult, and so these powerful giants rule their people. This frost giant's eyes burn with intensity from depths of pure basalt. There is almost a physicality to his gaze...
Nezic Lich A powerful undead creature that has clung to existence with dark magic, insisting with malevolent force that others feel the anguish it refuses to acknowledge for itself. Limbs with dried, tattered flesh beneath a terrible skeletal visage are barely visible from within a lush, flowing robe. The garments' impeccable condition may be due to vain magic, or merely a recent acquisition from some poor soul whose life now sustains this once-man. Unknown
Nikhol Werewolf lord Creatures which change between humanoid form and a huge wolf, they are rumored to have once been fully humanoid, but infected with some disease or curse. They are known to summon large packs of wolves when attacking, as well as using their powerful jaws and sharp teeth. They supposedly retain their thick body fur when in humanoid form. Their lords are descended from the most powerful of the ancient high wolves, filled with terrible power and cunning beyond belief. She moves incredibly fast. It looks like she can be in two different places at the same time, which makes you dizzy. Unknown
Nuin Doppelganger This was a warrior from a long forgotten epoch that was trying to please others too much. He was cursed and turned into the doppelganger that takes the form of passing travellers and preys on them. Corrupting attack, teleporting
Nyber Quickling On the one hand it's clearly a quickling. On the other hand, something appears to have gone seriously wrong with its front appendages. What, for a start, is that hideous purple glow? Corrupting attack
Ok-Ku-Lu Ogre magus He has the lunatic stare of someone tortured by the forces of Chaos. The tattoos on his body shift and transform in dizzying patterns. You find it difficult to focus your eyes on him. Corrupting attack
Okla Troll (female) While it is not as large and stinky like any other troll, and carries on just a small dagger instead of a two handed club, this one has a much eerier look and a ... lute. Your instant feeling is you don't really want to hear it sing... Drops treasure (a lute)
Pa 'Chi Will_o'wisp A swirling wisp of faint blue glow, faint howling that changes direction by each minute, is pretty much all the impression you can get, but that in itself is almost too overwhelming already. Many scholarly treatises on wisps and winds mention a rare - or unique? - kind of will o'wisp, almost detached from the plane of reality, barely clinging to it as the wind carries it through the dungeons. But they do not mention the eerie feeling and the crawling skin as the howling echoes envelop you from all sides. Teleports
Penumbra Black wizard This dark magic-user's features are completely obscured by robes that appear to be made entirely out of shadows. Dark energies pour from his sleeves, absorbing the light around him. Teleports, casts darkness
Perseus Troll berserker This huge, trollish creature radiates ancestral presence. It is covered in long, thick, flea-ridden fur. The creature looks sluggish, yet you sense an oddly dangerous aura. Every hit that he scores is a critical one.
Rakki Ratling thief Hobbled by a crippled leg earned on the job, Rakki devised a new method of escaping after he relieves his victims of their coinpurses. Teleport other spell [like fairy dragons]
Ramza Vampire Once a great hero whose selfless deeds were hidden by corrupt politicians, it appears that fate had an even more inglorious legacy in store for him. His face flickers between a hateful angry, bestial expression and a pained sorrowful one as his noble nature struggles to best the foul monster he has become. Possibly a reference to Ramza Beoulve, the protagonist of Final Fantasy Tactics.
Reyals Boona, Shadow Strider Assassin A treacherous cutthroat, Reylas Boona is infamous throughout Ancardia. He wears a thick cloak of such midnight black it is hard for you to tell where his form ends and the darkness begins. When you see the blade of writhing shadows in his grasp, you wonder if there is truth to the tales that he can walk from one shadow to a distant one. One thing is for certain, as he approaches, you can tell his sanity has not remained intact through his many shadow jaunts. The hollow echoes of giggles, dripping with maddened mirth are proof enough of that. Regenerates 'Reyals Boona' is 'a noob slayer' spelt backwards
Roland, Last of the Old-Mobbe Black wizard As the armies of Ancardia slew his clan, Roland, last of his kind, retreated with the wealth of his people to the sugar caves of Tin-ton Falls to master the dark arts. As the days passed his anger turned his soul to blackest ebony. Revenge on those above will be his....beginning with you. Casts invisibility,
Sage Aven Black wizard A tall human with a red robe and cold eyes. He holds a staff in one hand and a silver short sword in the other, chaotic energies whirling around it. As you meet his eye, you realize this man is not just another black wizard, but a kindred spirit. Even if he seeks the chaos gate, he surely doesn't want to close it... Even as you glance at his, however, he fades back into the shadows. It's a miracle you saw him at all. Casts darkness and invisbility
Schrodinger Wild cat This cat seems to be alive and angry - very angry Passes through walls Reference to Schrödinger's cat
Shalleon Master swordsman Not only does he attack with incredible precision, his blade is incredibly well crafted as well. He approaches you eagerly. You see from his confident posture he rarely has to worry about defense. This person can kill quickly and easily. Bypasses PV, drops a long sword of penetration?
Shangmai Cave tiger Scarred veteran of many battles, this magnificent and cunning tiger is unstoppable in his pursuit of prey. Woe to those who catch his attention, yet do not pity those whose last vision is of his fierce beauty.
Shardik Grizzly bear An oversized menacing bear, his eyes full of intelligence, heart full of hatred for the "fire-starters" that molest his territory. Shardik is easily recognized by his adamantium cap sitting atop his head. Drop treasure (adamantium cap) Shardik is the giant bear in the Richard Adams novel of the same name.
Sheelak The All-Seeing Eye of destruction Sheelak is an ancient being that devours the soul energy of the unfortunate.

His enormous bulbous form hovers silently above the ground and grotesque bloodshot stare locks unflinchingly on his victims. An terrible aura of silence washes over those Sheelak gazes upon!

Casts confusion
Shhasum Red baby dragon A red dragon hatchling, even only a few weeks old, can still be a threat to a fully mature adventurer. It has only one row of teeth as yet, but they are razor sharp, as are its newly grown claws. Its thin scales glow red and shine with reflected light, and small licks of flame dart between its teeth. His eyes are constantly darting around. Teleports, Casts teleport on the PC
Shiksazzar Tarantula This tarantula looks even more creepy than others of its kind. Its skin has a sickly, faint yellow glow over it and it is salivating some sort of disgusting goo. You shiver as this eight legged monstrosity crawls your way. Regenerates No special drops
Shiv Mi Kook Berserker emperor No description Armor punching attacks
Sir Niveous Frost Wererat An albino wererat. Firstborn of Count Edmund Frost. He lost his birthright to the curse of the Rat. Disarms
Skratch Ratling thief You see a long-haired grubby ratling thief doubled over beneath the weight of an enormous sack on his back. More than twice his size, the sack bulges uneasily as he heaves it along. Out of the top of the sack poke two legs of a card table and what appears to be a roulette wheel. With each step he takes, you hear a small squeak. Suddenly, you realise he's not carrying the sack, but lugging it along rusty castors almost buried beneath it. His gnarled fingers shakes as he reaches for a weapon. Dice, gold coins, and playing cards spill out from his coat. For a brief moment, he is concerned, then promptly resumes his panicked approach, eager to protect whatever's in that huge sack. Drops treasure (gold)
Skroph Quasit You see a really old imp, or quasit if it really counts. But something seems very strange in its appearance. Aging touch
Soladnit Hell hound Seeming to emerge from the cracks of the walls and floor, it is apparent that this is no ordinary hell found. Soladnit is not hindered by brick or stone, and you have a strange feeling that this entity has been seeking you out for your entire life. Passes through walls Likely a reference to Hounds of Tindalos
Stiikkeli Blink dog (female) A poet once described blink dogs thus: "a head like a snake, a neck like a drake, a back like a beam, the sides of a bream, footed like a cat and a tail like a rat". Unfortunately he left out their tendency to extreme halitosis. Acid breath attack The description refers to a 1486 poem about a greyhound, by Julian Berners
Stony Jouny Stone golem Made of stone. Lives in and off the stones. Digs through walls
Sueddie Wild cat He looks like a stray cat in a black hat. Invisible, teleports
Sythaar Ochre jelly No description
Tay-Van-Heik Ki-rin This magnificent beast emits an unusually glimmering aura. Its golden mane moves as if it has a life of its own. Drops a large amount of gold
Taz Wight Something about this wight is different from the ones you've encountered before. It has the same talons, razor-sharp teeth, and stench of decay as any other wight, but its eyes show an unexpected... cunning that is out of place in any unsophisticated undead. Maybe there is more to this creature than meets the eye. Regenerates
Tarmo the Foolish Minotaur At first glance you mistake this creature for one of the undead. The skin is torn and rotten and nearly all the creature's fur has fallen out. As it shuffles on torn and rotting muscles, you see that it still yet breathes. You know not what disease or curse has afflicted this being, but the pain has driven it mad. Now it seeks only to make others suffer as it does. Casts stat drain
The Greyman Gray slayer This servant of balance is the oldest and most elite of his order. He is smaller and somehow more boring and unremarkable than a normal gray stalker. You might even feel safe in his presence if you didn't know that he had slain thousands and thousands of the most powerful enemies of balance. Nothing gets between him and his target as he learned long ago to become ethereal at will. His favorite way to dispatch his foes is to stab them through a wall without them ever noticing his presence. Passes through walls A reference to the greyman from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time. Greyman are assassins who are so plain, vision just slides off of them.
Thog, the educated neanderthal Caveman Thog isn't like those other caveman - he's intellectual, cultured, refined. Thog has read the Collected Works of Confucius cover to cover and even studied at the sinister library. But those pursuits grew boring after a while, and now he wants to put his arcane knowledge through some... field research. As he eyes you across the rom, muttering dark and cryptic formulae, you think you can guess who he's chosen as his guinea pig. Casts confusion spell, cone of cold Named for Thog's Masterclass, the section of Dave Bradford's long-running newsletter Ansible in which he lists the most ridiculous and poorly written quotes in SF.
Thrask Berserker prince This mighty fighter possesses almost devilish power and fury, attacking all nearby with frenzied strength.
Tikbuz Kobold "Keep away from my artifacts! These are for research purposes, I swear!" The short kobold (even for kobold standards) is wearing a wide-brimmed hat that's too big for his head and is grasping a rolled-up parchment that appears to be some sort of map. The haversack on his back seems to be filled to the brim. He insists that he won't hurt you if you stay away from him, but the leather whip he's brandishing would make you think otherwise. Drops treasure (several items including a whip) Possibly a reference to Indiana Jones?
Torlo Vampire (female) A beautiful blonde woman with red eyes and a queen-like countenance. Maybe she was something special when alive. You feel your urge to slay waning... Regenerates, Energy Bolt
Tourmaline Black wizard (female) An aristocratic figure in iridescent robes, her alluring gaze dares you to come closer. Unknown
Two-Eyes Cyclops Two-Eyes is a cyclops wearing a monocle. He has a great vision. Sees through invisibility
Tycho Living wall Watching its black, extremely flat, non-reflective surface feels like staring into the night sky, except there are no stars. Its proportions are much too regular to have spawned from this world. You suddenly feel very alone. The feeling only lasts for a moment, for soon a feeling of terror comes upon you as you sense the entity's energy focusing on you... Energy blast Appears to be a reference to the Tycho Monoliths from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Umom Vakun of the Shadow Lich This powerful undead creature refused to surrender to death even when life had fled the body, and now exists through dark magics that maintain its skeletal form. Its touch is dangerous as any life can feed the lich's need to force life upon itself in spite of the passage of time. Teleports, casts darkness
Varenes Ghost You meet Varenes, the ghost. The ghost of a long-dead soldier, Varenes stalks the location of his demise. His countenance is grim, and death has not dulled his skill with a blade. A shroud of darkness precedes him as he approaches you. Casts darkness
Varkoill Shadow troll There was once a troll who decided to never commit any chaotic acts. His shadow did not agree, and decided to live as a separate, evil being. Casts darkness, karmic being
Vinz Juju Assassin Unknown Casts invisibility
Water Spider Assault Unit Large spider It's not just a common spider, it's a large spider from the Water Spider Assault Unit! Water breath attack Likely a reference to Ninja: The Final Duel
White-Mask Ratling thief Before you stands a male ratling dressed in dark clothes, wearing a white mask that completely covers his face. He carries an ornate rapier, and his steps show the grace of an experienced fencer -- or cat-burglar. From behind his mask, dark eyes size you up suspiciously. You can't quite shake the feeling that you've seen this ratling before... Disarms No special drops
WhOsEzNi Chaos knight Once a keeper of the sacred words, driven insane by the forces of chaos and doomed to babble incoherent phrases. Ignores armor, (Other abilities unknown) A reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Woogie Hill orc The hill orc lacks the angry, vacant stare of his compatriots. His eyes are focused, mindlessness replaced with a brilliant insanity. Regenerates, corrupting attack
Wor Janoth Black hurthling A warped hurthling, small and terrible. He trails ash and cinders when he moves, and his eyes gleam with madness as his powers reach out to engulf you. Confusion spell, sees through invisibility, immune to fire One of the statues in the Bug Temple is dedicated to Wor Janoth, a hurthling mindcrafter.
Workaka Carrion crawler (female) It's hard to believe that such disgusting creature exists. This dark-green centipede-like beast possesses dangerously looking claws that seem to be made of some outworldish metal rather than chitin. They are covered with a layer of thick gray slime. Poisons, ignores armor
Wrolgrim Wolf You gaze upwards into the slavering jaws of the biggest wolf you've ever seen. It's eyes glow with insane rage. It eyes you oddly, and you realise that it views you not as an adversary, but as lunch! Unknown
Zebo Blink dog It can be difficult to ascertain this creature's features -- even when it is not teleporting vast distances across the landscape, it is often shifting position distractingly. When it is merely loping, it becomes possible to distinguish its streamlined canine features, Its bright yellow fur (and of course its lack of respect for inertia) distinguish it from lesser beasts. Much like its faithful companions, this muscular canine's features are difficult to comprehend as it shifts position constantly. However it is much larger than the dogs in its pack, and seems to focus more intently on you. Its eyes shimmer with barely-controlled anger. Casts Teleport Killing Zebo is a very chaotic act (lvl 16 character dropped from L to N-).
Zombos Steel zombie A menacing zombie, with fearsome plated armour bolted and nailed directly into what remains of its dead flesh. There is fury and fire in its eyes, and up close it radiates heat, as if there is an actual fire burning inside its decaying form. No one knows where this monster came from or how it came into being, but you will hear terrified whispers and surely nonsensical tales from travellers, that this fire-breathing, steel plated, undead nightmare is the Lord of the Undead, King of the Zombies. Fire breath attack
Zukkle Acid vortex (female) You see a faint outline of a swirling ball of clear liquid blinking around the room. Facing you, you see a mischievous grin. The grin is unmistakable - this is one of the dreaded 'orbs of frustration'. Teleports, casts invisibility
Ham'ranath Revenant Poisons, rapidly regenerates