The Borderland Settlement is a town which appears east of the Caverns of chaos after 8,000 turns have passed. It contains a potion shop, a lawful altar, and mercenaries for hire. The DL of the settlement is 10, causing background corruption, which is unusual for a surface town. This can be remedied with a scroll of peace.

Main Features[]

  • Potion shop
  • Lawful altar
  • Mercenaries for hire
  • Bishop of order who gives clues on the main quest
  • Monks of order who will grant a temporary blessing when chatted with after confessing sins

The paladins of order, bishop of order, and monks of order are angered by the PC converting (minimum appears to be 8,338 gold) or kicking the altar, sacrificing a lawful monster, or talking to the bishop of order while crowned Chaotic. Otherwise, they and the shopkeeper are indifferent to the other inhabitants of the level.

Hiring a chaotic mercenary is a chaotic act.

The Potion Shop is notable for its extremely close proximity to the wilderness border on the north edge of the map. When the shopkeeper is standing in the doorway of his shop, it is possible through a variety of methods to peacefully lure him to the wilderness, leave him in the first level of the Caverns of Chaos, then steal all the potions in his shop at no consequence while he's absent. This process can be repeated by luring the shopkeeper back to the Borderland Settlement where he automatically walks back to his shop, eventually restocking his wares after enough time.




There are no quests that require visiting the Borderland Settlement.