This page contains a list of all the types of boots in ADOM.

Kicking a monster that has acidic skin may corrode or destroy equipped boots that are susceptible to acid damage. This does not occur if the PC has acid resistance.

Hurthlings suffer a -2 penalty to Dexterity while they have any type of boots equipped.

While equipped, boots made out of iron cause 2 points of damage per turn to mist elf PCs. Currently, generic iron boots are the only such item.

Common boots[]

Name Weight DL Stats Notes
Leather boots 25s 1 [+0, +0]
Light boots 20s 1 [+0, +0]
Heavy boots 30s 1 [-1, +1]
Sandals 6s 1 [+0, +0]
Gnomish boots 10s 1 (+1, +0) [+2, +0]
Iron boots 120s 1 [-1, +1] PV-based bonus to kick to-hit and damage
Boots of sneakiness 20s 1 [+0, +0] Grant +2 to Dexterity
Spiked boots 30s 3 [-1, +1] PV-based bonus to kick damage
Mithril boots 96s 6 [-1, +2]
Adamantium boots 89s 11 [+0, +3]
Eternium boots 55s 16 [+0, +5]
Boots of levitation 20s ? [+0, +0] Grants levitating
Boots of speed 20s 5 [+2, +0] Grant +8 to speed
Seven league boots 30s 3 [+1, +0] Apply 0.75x/0.9x/1.5x (B/U/C) multiplier to movement energy cost, decrease wilderness travel time
Boots of the slow shuffle 20s 9 [-6, +0] Grant -40 to speed; autocursing

Artifact boots[]

Name Weight DL Stats Notes
Boots of great speed 20s N/A [+5, +0] Grant +100 to speed, doom and curse the PC
Contain the essence of Chaos and Corruption
Can be found in the Quickling Tree
Boots of the divine messenger 25s 6 [+3, +3] Grant +5 to Dexterity, grant intrinsic teleport control, death ray resistance and paralysis resistance
Boots of the far wanderer 30s ? [+4, +2] Increase Willpower and speed by 7, grant teleportitis and teleport control, grant resistance to sleep attacks, grant water breathing
Moloch's Thorns 2500s N/A (-6, -10) [-10, +24] Added in v. 1.2.0, only available as a crowning gift for Chaos Knights; grant intrinsic teleport control
Allow the PC to kick down walls and destroy altars by stepping on them